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Apex Mountain Resort, Snow

If you still fancy heading to the Okanagan this winter, why not visit Apex Mountain Resort?  This resort is located thirty minutes from Penticton and is perfect for a day trip or a stop-over especially if you like the snow!

Apex is largely a winter resort and builds its income from the amount of snow sports it offers.  With a range of beginner, intermediate and advanced trails – the longest run being close to 5km – this is a great ski resort to try out.  Test your skills this winter on one of the 73 downhill trails.

Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Tubing & Ice Skating!

If skiing or snowboarding is not really your thing, there are plenty of other optional activities you can take part in.  Why not rent some snowshoes and try hiking up one of the mountain trails?  It might take you a while to get used to the feeling of having weird metal contraptions on your feet – but just aim to walk normally and it will be easier than you think! Snowshoeing is an awesome way to experience the snow as well as giving you a workout.

For those that are looking for something a little less physical or an activity for the youngsters, Apex Mountain Resort also has a tube park.  Tube Parks are a family favourite – sliding down a hill in a tube never gets boring, no matter how old you are!

More of an ice-skater?  Apex has an ice rink too! Not only does it have an NHL-sized Outdoor Hockey rink, but it is also home to an Ice Skating Adventure Loop which is a 1km ice loop through the natural environment.  Admire the snow-lined trees and enjoy evenings skating against the stars and fairy lights.

Learn more about this gorgeous mountain resort here, and enjoy the Okanagan in the snow!


Written by Hannah Poaros

Okanagan Apples Recipe

Spice up your cooking with Okanagan Apples


There are so many varieties of apples grown in the Okanagan, we thought we would look at interesting ways to use them in your home-cooking. Apples are harvested in September – late October in the Okanagan, but we all know that apples are a fruit that’s available all year round! Here is the perfect menu to satisfy all your apple-loving needs.

1. Appetizer: Apple Chutney.

Melt butter, add some onions or shallots, throw in some spices and/or vinegar, and stew those apples. Simmer everything, leave in the fridge until it’s cooled down and you’ll get a nice chunky chutney! Tip: you can add sugar or chili to adjust whether the dish is sweet or spicy. We’ve found this yummy recipe for Apple Chutney Stuffed Pork Chops  to start you off – we absolutely love it!

2. Entrée: Apple & Prosciutto Pizza.

Why not add apple to your pizza for a sweet taste? Get your favourite pizza base then add green onions, sour cream, thin apple slices and sliced prosciutto! Check out this mouthwatering recipe from Spelt Crust Pizza with Fennel, Prosciutto, and Apple – it even talks you through how to make your own spelt crust, if you’ve got the time to experiment with the dough!

3. Dessert: Baked Apples with Oatmeal.

Baking apples is one of the easiest, tastiest desserts to make! Though it does take a while for the apples to bake in the oven, it involves little preparation. All you need to do is core the apple so that there is a big hole in the middle. Fill this with your favourite oats, brown sugar, cinnamon and butter and bake until apples are soft! The filling will bubble over the edges. Have fun and read this Baked Apples with Oatmeal Filling for some inspiration!

What do you think? Will you be making any of these fabulous recipes? Got a favourite that we haven’t listed here- let us know! We are always on the lookout for our guests’ recommendations! Check out our other recipe suggestions here


Written by Hannah Poaros

Rainy Day West Kelowna

Rainy day activities in West Kelowna

So you’re planning your vacation at La Casa Cottage Resort and it occurs to you -what is there to do if it rains?  The Okanagan is known for its sunny skies and scorching temperatures, so it is not surprising that most activities are outdoors.  Well do not worry! There are plenty of other activities around West Kelowna that will still get you out and about for a few hours – beats being stuck in the cottage all day (especially if the kids are nagging to go outside!).  Here are our favourites:

Catch a movie at West Kelowna, Landmark 8 Xtreme Cinemas

Everyone loves hitting up their local picture house, so why not take the family out to West Kelowna’s Landmark 8 Xtreme Cinema? This move theatre has Xtreme wrap-around screens and wide rocker seats, as well as RealD 3D (the newest digital 3D technology). Offering several promotions, including special prices during certain days of the week, this cinema is perfect for catching the latest releases.

Get some indoor exercise at Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre

Practice your lengths in the Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquaric Centre in their 25-metre swimming pool.  This centre also features a warm soaking pool, hot tub and steam room.  If you’re so inclined, hit the fitness centre to get those endorphins flowing!

Rejuvenate at Spa at the Cove

Are you looking for some pampering?  Head to Spa at the Cove for a whole range of treatments including facials, hydrotherapy, massages, waxing and manicures.  You could spend a whole afternoon relaxing here; leave the Okanagan feeling glamorous!

Get arty at the New Moon Gallery

New Moon Gallery is a beautiful gem of a gallery that acts as a working studio as well as a gallery full of original art work!  Art classes are offered year round so this is definitely to check out if you’re looking to try something new.  Artist in residence and owner Linda Loves is sure to teach you new techniques or offer an enlightening perspective on her series of artworks.

Learn something new at Westbank Museum or Sncewips Heritage Museum

These two local museums are sure to catch you up on your history of the region. Explore old artefacts  from the local area. Check out Sncewips Heritage Museum to gain an in-depth understanding of the Westbank First Nation’s culture, history and artworks.

Hit the Wineries for wine tasting & shopping 

Wine tastings are not just for sunny days!  Head down to your favourite winery and while away the hours sipping on their new vintage flavours. If you’d rather pick up some wine to take home, then many of the vineyards have small stores that can help you out with this also!

We guarantee that if you follow this list, your rainy days in West Kelowna will never be boring! So what’s your favourite thing to do when it’s wet and cold outside? We would love to hear how our guests spend their time!

For when the weather conditions are happier, check out our 5 things to do in the Okanagan blog post.


Written by Hannah Poaros

Okanagan Mountain Goat

Day trip to Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park


Now that the weather is starting to cool down and Lake Okanagan is getting almost too cold to swim in, why not embark on a hike? Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park is open year-round and is the ideal place to warm up your muscles.

The Park spans over 10,580 hectares and is the only part of Lake Okanagan’s shoreline that remains undeveloped, making it perfect for hikers.  As you explore higher levels of the mountain, you will be treated to superb views of the lake.  You can enjoy a range of ecosystems and micro-climates because of the park’s large size.   This means you might be in partial-desert wilderness when you are at lower levels, then as you climb further you can expect to see beautiful green forests.  Also watch out for wildlife in the area – if you’re lucky, you might get the chance to see deer, elk and black bears! Why not sit tight and see if you can find a mountain goat?  There are also several reptiles to keep your eyes peeled for, including the Western Rattlesnake.

Go camping, hiking & boating!

For keen campers or boaters, this park offers six marine campgrounds as well as sheltered beaches – an excellent opportunity to explore the lake from a different location!

There are several trails of varying lengths and difficulties, so be sure to check out the BC Parks map to see what ones are most suitable for you.  It’s also important to note that the area is prone to wildfires – watch out for unexpected hazards and expect some unstable conditions.  Travel carefully and always let someone know where you are going.  The park has limited facilities so make sure that you take plenty of water with you, especially in the summer.


For more activities in the Okanagan, check out our previous blog posts here.  Happy hiking!

Written by Hannah Poaros

Winter Road Trip

6 Winter Road Trip Tips

Whether you’re a summer junkie or a snow lover, no one can deny that winter is just around the corner here in Canada.  There are lots of reasons to still get out and about though so why not take a winter road trip?  Pick your destination and you’re good to go.  Before you head out, there should be a few things you bear in mind as the weather can be unreliable!  Here are a list of winter road trip hacks that are sure to help you out.


Get the right tires for the terrain

It may be a tad arduous but hauling out your snow tires may be necessary if you’re heading somewhere with lots of snow! Some places may even require tire chains for heavy snowfall so be prepared to throw these in the back of your car as well.

Pack a winter emergency kit

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for a breakdown or unforeseen incident, which is why we suggest that you bring an emergency kit! Be sure to include a shovel (or two!), a first aid kit, extra coolant and windscreen wash, jumper cables, blankets, water and food – that way you’re covered for all situations.

Check for road closures & delays

To make your trip easier, check the news for any road closures or warnings. You may still be able to get to your destination; it might just involved you taking a different route!  Don’t just rely on your GPS system – figuring out your route before you leave is the key to a successful road trip.

Keep an eye on weather updates

As we all know, weather conditions can change rapidly so it is good to watch out for any updates that might occur in the week leading up to your road trip adventure.  Nobody wants to postpone their trip, but if the weather makes this a reality, you’ll want to know before you head out the door rather than getting stuck in the middle of a bad storm!

Charge your cell phone

You’ll want to make sure that your cell phone has full battery before you head out on any long journeys. This way you’ll be able to contact someone in an emergency or roadside assistance if you breakdown somewhere.


Fill up before you go

Definitely remember to fill up your tank before you head out, especially if you are heading anywhere that has limited gas stations on route! It is also a good idea to keep your tank half full and top up frequently if you are going to be on the road for some time.


So there you go – 6 tips to help you out when planning your Winter Road trip!  We would just love to hear where you are off to.  Any exciting plans?


Written by Hannah Poaros