Snowshoeing Kelowna

Snowshoeing for First Timers in Kelowna

If you’re staying in Kelowna during the Winter, you will be no stranger to snow. Snowshoeing is a great way to keep active in the cold, especially if you’re not a skier or boarder, and there are plenty of trails for you to get stuck into!

Snowshoeing Kelowna
Here’s all you need to know:


  • Snowshoeing is hiking in the Snow
  • Snowshoes are special footwear that attach to your hiking boots, they spread the weight out over a larger area so that you don’t sink into the snow
  • In Kelowna, Snowshoes can be rented from Fresh Air Concept, Telemark Nordic Club or Big White Ski Resort



  • Generally throughout the winter/ski season, from mid-December to April (please check the various websites for snow conditions before you set out)
  • Start early in the day to allow time to get back to your starting point as trails do vary in size, difficulty and length

Things to know:

  • Showshoe trails cross ski trails; it is important not to step on these
  • Lift your snowshoes over the track if you see a Ski Trail, but do not walk on Ski trails
  • Snowshoe trails are usually marked with orange tape or red/yellow signs (to stand out from ski trails which are usually blue, green or black)

We hope you enjoy this quick introduction to Snowshoeing and that it has encouraged you to venture outdoors in the frosty temperatures! Be sure to check out the relevant websites for rental prices, trail lengths and directions to starting points. For the snowshoeing veterans out there, what’s your favourite trail?


Written by Hannah Poaros 

Parsnips Recipe

Make Parsnips the star of Winter in these recipes

Canada’s winter is long and cold so is the ideal time to get experimental in the kitchen.  Parsnips, due to the chilly temperatures, are now in season in the Okanagan so why not try out different ways to use this sweet root vegetable?

Parsnips are high in fibre, potassium and vitamin C!  This means that there are so many health benefits that come with eating them.  Why not take a look at some of these recipe suggestions below?

The suggestion to make a parsnip bruschetta almost seems bizarre to those of us that have visions of the traditional mozzarella, basil and tomato type dish. However we urge you to try this.  Parsnip puree (made with sea salt, garlic and butter) served with rocket leaves and parmesan shavings on a warm ciabatta roll… Does it really get better than that? Check out the full recipe on .

Now most of us probably already know how to make roast parsnips (or think we do!), but no-one does it better than Jamie Oliver! Check out his suggestions for cooking the ultimate honey roast parsnips. If you’re not a fan of honey, then he also mentions how adding parmesan and flour can really crunch those parsnips up! Please visit for more information on these variations.

You might not think that parsnips are a dessert item, but they really can be! Because of their sweeter taste, parsnips go well with spices such as cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg – add these together with flour, eggs, sugar and (another surprising ingredient) butternut squash to make a rather delicious winter dessert. To look up the official recipe and ingredients list, please check out this link via – we fully recommend.


These mouthwatering recipes are sure to get you inspired in the kitchen! The question is: which one will you try first?

For other recipe recommendations, please check out our related blog posts here.  We love to see our guests getting creative in the kitchen – send us a photo on Facebook or shoot us a comment below so that we can see how you are spending your winter days!

If you’re already thinking of summer, then don’t forget to contact our reservations line on +1-888-226-5566 to book your cottage vacation at La Casa Cottages – we’d love to have you!


Written by Hannah Poaros

Kelowna Pubs

Kelowna’s Cosy Bars & Pubs

Though Kelowna is well-known for its vineyards and upscale wineries, don’t forget to try out the spots where the locals go. Good for a casual lunch or an apres-ski drink, before heading back to your accommodation, here’s a list of the popular hang-outs.

  • The Grateful Fed Pub

    The Grateful Fed serves typical Pub fare and is the perfect place to grab breakfast, a burger or a round of drinks. This little pub has live music nights as well as $5 happy hours and all you can eat fish & chips! Check their calendar for more information, but what’s not to love?

  • The Train Station Pub

    The Train Station has been around since 1926 and prides itself in having distinct architecture of that period. The menu here is full of tasty salads, sharing plates, and delicious brunch options! With flavoured Martinis for $9 or Irish Coffees for $6, you can’t really go wrong here.

  • Social 242 Lounge & Grill

    Sitting at number 7 on Tripadvisor’s restaurant list, Social 242 should be worked into your itinerary if you’re travelling through or in Kelowna. In addition to their regular menu, they have a separate vegan menu with features such as Chickpea Lentil Meatloaf and Apple Pie Tacos, as well as a special Summer Feature Menu. This is a 3 course Tasting Menu which is available June – September and offers select Okanagan Wines and outdoor seating.

  • Moose Lounge

    Only open in the Winter, Moose Lounge sits on Big White and is every snow-lover’s favourite hangout for apres-ski drinks. Offering free kid’s hot chocolates and coloring everyday between 4-6pm, this is a definite family friendly spot that is worth a visit even if you’re not skiing.

  • KRAFTY Kitchen + Bar

    Try eating at KRAFTY and you won’t regret it. This is a Farm to Table kitchen and bar, that offers a range of dishes to satisfy your taste buds. Take out the stress of choosing between dishes by opting for the Chef’s Table –  a multi-course feast of seasonal dishes put together by the chef and paired with five wines (if you so desire).


That’s the end of our round-up! Where will you choose next?  Or do you have a local favourite that’s not on this list?  Let us know in the comments below.

Kelowna Pubs
Written by Hannah Poaros


Silver Star Mountain Resort

5 Reasons to make Silver Star your Mountain of Choice


We know you’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to winter activities, but let’s not forget the local mountains! Silver Star Mountain Resort, close to Vernon and Kelowna, is renowned for having awesome snow conditions, long hours of operation and a fabulous view.  Check out our top 5 reasons to visit:


  • Night Skiing:

    Silver Star offers a great amount of night skiing, so you don’t have to leave the mountain when the sun sets! Night skiing starts from 3.30pm on the Summit Chair and Silver Queen Chair; perfect for after work or an extended day on the slopes.  And that’s not the only activity available after dark – check out the Cross-Country Night Loop or Brewer’s Pond Ice Skating Rink for something a little bit different.  Both attractions are open till late, meaning you have plenty of options to keep the whole family entertained while you hit that last run down the mountain.

  • Easy drive from Kelowna, Kelowna Airport and even La Casa:

    Only 22km north of Vernon, Silver Star is easy to get to, no matter where you are coming from within the Vernon and Kelowna area.  Kelowna International Airport is less than an hour’s drive from the mountain and downtown Kelowna is only 1 hour and 15 minutes away!  If you are staying at La Casa, then this is one of the easiest Mountain Resorts to get to as it is literally a one hour’s drive door to door…

  • 3rd Largest Ski Area in BC:

    There are plenty of ski areas in BC to try out each winter, sometimes it feels like there are TOO many to choose from!  Don’t forget that Silver Star is the 3rd largest ski area in BC so you are sure to get plenty out of your visit.  With 3,282 skiable acres, 132 marked runs, and a longest run of 8km, you’ve got more than enough Terrain to keep you occupied for days.  The mountain is also great for beginners as 15% of this terrain are green runs, easiest routes down the mountain and suitable for those just starting out on the snow.

  • Small town vibes:

    The village sits at 1,609m, meaning that this a proper ski-in, ski-out destination. With vibrant, colourful buildings and friendly long-time locals, Silver Star doesn’t feel like your typical tourist resort.  This quaint village is small and welcoming so when you’re not shredding the slopes, you will find yourself sharing drinks with residents and feeling like you’re right at home.

  • Not just alpine – Fat Bike, Snowshoe, Nordic:

    Alpine Skiing and snowboarding not your cup of tea? That’s okay; you can still pay Silver Star a visit! With 8 fat bike trails, 15 snowshoe trails, plenty of Nordic ski trails and 3 terrain parks, you can find the ideal adventure for you.  There’s literally so many options at Silver Star, it’s amazing!

    Silver Star Mountain Ski Resort

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Written by Hannah Poaros

Winter Reads

6 Perfect Reads when it’s Cold Outside

1. The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis

Family favourite The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe is the epitomy of a winter novel. Set in Narnia, a world dominated by the White Witch with frosty skies and mythical creatures, this C.S. Lewis novel will never not be popular. Snuggle up on the sofa with the whole family and read about the four siblings’ quest to overcome evil. You can embark on this adventure together as snowflakes fall outside your window – we guarantee you will get lost in this fantastical novel!

2. Game of Thrones by George Martin

It’s hard to not think of George Martin’s epic Game of Thrones series when someone mentions winter is coming (yes, that was a direct reference!) so if you haven’t read any of these books yet, then 2018 is the year to start! With Martin hinting at the sixth novel possibly being released later this year, now is the time to catch up on the plot twists, unreliable characters and ethereal creatures of the Seven Kingdoms.

3. Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

Another fantasy trilogy loved by children and adults alike is Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials which features polar bears, witches, the northern lights and daemons. Said to be an inversion and/or retelling of Milton’s Paradise Lost, these long reads will have you hooked instantly. Pick up the first novel Northern Lights, make a cup of hot chocolate and unwind from the day’s cold weather whilst sitting by the fireplace.

4. Snow Falling on the Cedars by David Guterson

Snow Falling on the Cedars is the perfect novel for when it’s chilly outside. Just the fact that author David Guterson refers to snow and cedars multiple times throughout the novel is enough to bring the winter weather inside. For a tale of love, social discrimination and prejudice – give this one a read.

5. Waiting for the Barbarians by J.M. Coetzee

For something a little more sinister and dystopian, try reading Waiting for the Barbarians by J. M. Coetzee. Winter time is ideal for getting up close and personal with Coetzee’s poetic motifs and haunting descriptions. This may be a small novel but you won’t put it down once you turn the first page – cosy up and read this masterpiece in one sitting while the weather is turning angry outside.

6. The Secret History by Donna Tartt

You’ll find The Secret History by Donna Tartt on many winter reading lists. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a twisted murder mystery? The novel is set in Vermont and features a group of college students who are enamoured by Greek language and literature. We won’t give too much away on this one but we are certain you will love the creative suspense Tartt creates. Delve into this interesting plot line and forget all about the freezing temperatures outside.



Is your favourite winter read not featured on this list? Comment below as we would love to hear your suggestions.


Are you looking forward to the summer already? Good job we are taking bookings for Summer 2018 then, isn’t it? Give us a call on +1-888-226-5566  or shoot us an email today at and we will help you plan an exciting summer at La Casa Cottages.


Written by Hannah Poaros