The Okanagan is the perfect destination for your home away from home spring getaway! The lakeside cottage is booked, the boss approved the days off and your crew is all ready for spring break done right! Now what to pack….

Here’s what fashion bloggers predict will be in style for Spring 2017:

  1. The oxford shirt: this classic is a must have for business men world wide, but this spring, fashionistas have tweaked and deemed it a staple for women’s fashion. Whether it’s recycled and redesigned into a trendy crop top or sun dress or you simply pair your man’s retired work shirt with your fave pair of jeans, this classic is bound to impress.
  2. Neon: no longer confined to flashy pub signs and 70’s costumes, bright, bold and electric colours are predicted to come back this upcoming spring. You can keep it subtle and stick to a hint of electric colour or you can full neon. The options are endless and blindingly bright.
  3. Khaki: this natural, earth toned hue goes with everything. Whether it’s a pair of khaki capris paired with a pastel coloured tee or a khaki jacket, you cant go wrong with this beige, army chic inspired fabric this spring.
  4. Blues: welcome the end of the winter blues, with, well more blues! No not the mood, the colour. Blue IS your colour no matter what your skin tone. With an endless sea of shades and hues, this cool colour is a winner this coming spring.
  5. Floral prints: when you think spring you think sunshine, baby birds, afternoons spent day drinking on the sunny patio and, FLOWERS. Floral prints are a clear win every spring and spring 2017 is not exception.

Five Great Hiking Locations near La Casa Cottage Resort

While the Lakeside Cottages are a great spot to spend your vacation in BC, there’s nothing like getting away for an exhilarating afternoon hike up a beautiful mountainside to make the Okanagan truly feel like your home away from home!

  1. Eain Lamont

    Located 34.7km from LaCasa Resort, Eain Lamont Loop is the “official” entrance to Mount Boucherie. Unlike the Mount Boucherie Hike, the Eain Lamont Loop, is very steep and very challenging. It is recommended for serious hikers with some experience and proper equipment. Once at the summit, beautiful, 360 views of Kelowna and the surrounding area can be found. 5.57km round trip.

  2. Mount Boucherie

    Located 34.1km Southeast from LaCasa Resort, in West Kelowna, Mount Boucherie is a short but challenging hike that ends in beautiful panoramic views of of Kelowna, West Kelowna and the Okanagan Lake. Once a 2000m volcano, the now 800m high mountain offers a variety of trails with varying difficulty levels, distances and heights. Mount Boucherie is a well known and much loved location amongst hikers, climbers and those who simply love the outdoors! 2.68 km round trip; approx 60 minutes.

  3. Bear Creek; Canyon Rim Trail:

    Located 22.7km from LaCasa Resort, Bear Creek Provincial Park offers a scenic hiking trail of a moderate level of difficulty. Designed by Dave Brewer in 1981, it is a trail that is manageable for all hikers. With several viewpoints of Kelowna and the Okanagan, as well as many waterfalls and a fresh water creek. Full of wildlife and scenic views, this trail is a must for visitors and locals alike. Be aware of unstable trees and rocks as this trail was affected by a wildfire in 2011. 2.6km round trip.

  4. Christie Falls

    Located 15km from LaCasa Resort. A short but moderately challenging hike that includes a steep descent with ropes to aid you down. Along with a beautiful waterfall, there are also caves to explore. Not family friendly due to the steep inclines, however Christie Falls is a favourite amongst people in the Okanagan and a must see for visitors with a desire to adventure and discover the beauty that the Okanagan has to offer. 2.2km round trip.

  5. Fintry Falls

    Located 4km from LaCasa Resort. A short but steep trek up a set of wooden stairs, leads you to several waterfalls and deep pools. With the option to venture off the trail at the top and follow a beam to another pool and waterfall. Also off the trail are the remnants of old suspension bridges. 1km round trip. Fintry Manor House and other historical monuments can be found at the base of the trail.

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A great pen-and-paper game that will keep your kids busy is a Hangman. This game is a perfect option for a road trips or flights, and despite the simplicity of the game it can be hours of fun!

One player should think of a word/phrase and write blanks for each letter, next to the word should be drawn gallows with a rope. Another player guesses letters until he/she can recognize the word or phrase. However, for each wrong guess, a part of the body is added to the gallows’ rope (in total 6 body parts: 2 arms, 2 legs, head, and torso). The blanks should be filled before all 6 parts of the body will appear on the gallows or you lose!

Don’t forget to prepare some healthy Travel Snacks for the road! Click here for ideas Perfect Travel Snacks for your family trip!

If you want more games in your pocket that are perfect for a trip check Dictionary Game.

We hope that these games will help you enjoy your family vacation and will keep kids busy during your road trip or flight!


Cool down and fuel up with this creamy and delicious shake!

Need a healthy, satisfying boost to make it till the next meal, want a dessert you don’t need to feel guilty about or just craving a little chocolate in your day? This thick and creamy smoothie is bursting with healthy fats, omega 3s and potassium. Tip, want more protein or don’t have any cacao handy? Try a scoop of vegan or whey chocolate protein powder! Continue reading


Looking for a to occupy your restless LaCasa Guest House crew? Maybe a girls night out from your lakeview cottage at LaCasa? Or perhaps you need a fun, PG bachelor party activity for guests of all ages attending your Kelowna wedding? It doesn’t matter if there’s an occasion or your just looking to take cover on a rare rainy day this Okanagan summer, Axe Monkeys is a unique, safe and fun family friendly activity to help tucker out the little ones, (and maybe even the big ones too).

Axe Monkeys Kelowna opened in 2016 and has proven to be an unexpected hit with tourists and locals alike. With 9 throwing lanes, spruce log targets, and real axes, this is a unique activity that will no doubt relieve stress and result in endless laughs. Axe Monkeys has professional trainers to teach you how to throw axes safely and effectively. They have no minimum booking and can accommodate up to 99 people. Anyone ages 7 and up can participate, and for those who take a liking to it, Axe Monkeys even host a competitive axe throwing league.

To learn more or to book your party now, visit Axe Monkeys website.