Lake Update: June 30th 2017


Happy Long Weekend Everyone!



One Aqua Park and the swim platform went out yesterday! In addition, with the lake levels dropping the marina is on track to open Monday July 17th!

There’s been a lot of speculation and confusion about whether the use of motorized boats on Lake Okanagan is currently permitted.  So to help you out, we’re sharing the most up to date information here for you.

Due to the rising lake waters in the region we have been advised by the strata office that the Marina, La Casa boat launch, and Fintry boat launch will remain closed until further notice .  In addition the strata has noted that they will not be putting out their water trampoline this summer. Please see the update at the top of this post!

Closures are preemptive safety procedures. There may be debris in the water including objects that cannot be seen e.g buoys.

At this time boating is not recommended and low wake/no wake rules are in place.  Please see the 2 helpful maps/documents below for more detailed information about low wake/no wake zones!

Water lovers are encouraged to try wake-free options to enjoy Okanagan Lake.  Stand Up Paddleboards and Kayaks are perfect for exploring the lake and can be rented from us through Guest Services.  Please call our guest services number on +1 250 542 0515 for more information on this.  There are also many recreation and leisure activities open throughout the region.  Hundreds of parks and trails offer great options for picnics or exploring nature.

Guests can watch for any changes/updates to be posted around the resort.

If you would like more information, please see the advice provided from the Regional District of Central Okanagan.

While lake levels in the Central Okanagan slowly decline, temperatures in the Okanagan quickly rise attracting water sports enthusiasts and visitors alike.

As boaters make plans to venture out on the lake, it’s important to remember that lake levels remain the highest seen in decades and some planning is necessary before heading out on the water.

A no wake, low wake, a guideline for respectful boating in the Okanagan has been created to raise awareness of boating practices during high water levels to minimize the erosion of vulnerable shoreline and damage of property in Kalamalka, Okanagan, Ellison/Duck and Wood lakes.

With some area lake levels being nearly 60 cm over full pool, below are some tips for boaters to ensure their safety and minimize further damage to the foreshore.

Know before you go. Find out which boat launches and fueling stations are open in the area. Most boat launches have been closed for safety reasons.

• Visit to view the 2017 Freshet Boating Wake Map No Wake to plan routes, familiarize where vulnerable shorelines are located and follow the wake zone guidelines.

• Low wake zones mean no hydroplaning… for now. It takes some effort to get the vessel off the water and results in damaging waves. Wake height should be no more than 30 centimetres (1 foot).

• Large and heavier boats create damaging waves even at low speeds. Extra caution is needed when cruising the lake. Keep in the centre whenever possible.

• Small and light boats should remain 300 metres from the shoreline whenever possible or travel in the centre of the lake when approaching vulnerable shorelines. Go “dead slow” when travelling within 300 metres of the shoreline.

• When operating at no-wake speed, trim the drive or outboard to allow the boat to proceed with smallest wake possible.

• Watch for debris and submerged docks.
Once lake levels reach a more reasonable levels, regular boating activities can resume.

Sun worshippers are encouraged to try wake-free options to enjoy Central Okanagan lakes or the many recreation and leisure activities. Stand Up Paddleboards, kayaks and canoes are perfect for exploring the lakes and a number of beaches are open throughout the region. Hundreds of parks and trails offer great options for picnics or exploring nature.

For more information, visit, sign up for e-updates or call the information line at 250-469-8490.



5 things to do in the Okanagan Region


Weather conditions are fantastic in the Okanagan right now with high temperatures and hours upon hours of sunny skies – it is the perfect time to plan that summer break! Maybe you’ve heard that there is limited boating on the lake at the moment and you’re wondering why you should still plan a visit? Well lucky for you, there are many activities on offer that can provide you with fun-filled memories.  Here are a few suggestions to keep you and the family happy.


1.        Indulge on a wine tour


There are many wineries as well as wine tour companies for you to choose from if you are looking to experience some decadent wine tasting and dining.  On Thursday evenings throughout July, House of Rose winery offers a Summer Music Series where you can relax in a picturesque setting whilst listening to some live bands.  You’re welcome to bring a picnic or purchase supplies at the shop there.


Other popular wineries in the area include Mt Boucherie Winery, Tantalus Vineyard and Little Straw Vineyards.  If you don’t fancy driving yourself to these locations (though this does also give you an opportunity to stumble upon some hidden gems), there are several tour companies that can cart you across to a few places in one day.


Okanagan Wine Country Tours offers to take you to 4 wineries in 4 hours on their Tasters Tour Lakeshore Wine Route so you can really explore what the region has to offer. Want to save your daylight hours for other adventures?  No problem.  Club Wine Tours can take you out at 3.30pm on their Sunset Dinner Escape where you will have the opportunity to taste a local vineyard dinner.


2. Go swimming


Due to the high water levels, there may be a certain amount of debris floating around in Lake Okanagan at the moment.  We still believe that there is nothing more relaxing than dipping your toes into a refreshing lake but we understand that this might not be for everyone.  To make up for this, here are some other swimming locations.


La Casa Cottage Resort has two swimming pools and we encourage you to try out both of these.  Why not practice some lengths and you could become an olympic swimmer in no time!


There is also a fantastic water park located in Vernon.  Atlantis Water Slides is less than an hour away and offers hot tubs, slides, picnic areas, cabanas and more.  Definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for some wet and wild adventures.


3. Take a Drive to Osoyoos


If you’re wanting to explore some other locations in the Okanagan, Osoyoos makes an interesting starting point.  This small, tucked away town is one of Canada’s most endangered habitats. It has a dry climate and is Canada’s only desert.  Take time to appreciate the dramatic landscape whilst sipping a glass of wine from one of the many wineries.  After all, what’s more perfect than sitting in a vineyard looking out across rolling hills and desert plains?


If you’re not up for a glass of wine, then the Osooyos Desert Centre demands your attention.  Learn about the ecology of the area, conservation and habitat restoration with interactive exhibits suitable for all the family.  There is a 1.5 km boardwalk where you can enjoy the fresh air and appreciate the desert climate.


4. Dust off those hiking boots


One of the best things to do when you can’t get out on the water, is to get out on the land.  If you’ve never had time to explore the Parks surrounding Kelowna, then now is a great time to start and you’ve got so many to choose from! Why not try hiking in Knox Mountain Park?  This beautiful park is located in downtown Kelowna. It offers trails of varying lengths and difficulties – all leading to some stunning viewpoints.


Check out our other favourite hikes here.


5. Get Sunbathing


The Okanagan region is known for its superb scenery and blazing sun.  In fact the region gets more sunlight than most other parts of Canada!  This means it is a perfect place for you to kick off your shoes, grab a new book and work on that tan.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re by the lake or by the pool – whiling away the hours under the sun is always a good idea.


Written by Hannah Poaros

The Okanagan is known for its blistering hot summers. Perfect for afternoons spent on the beach and mornings by the poolside, but what’s the best way to survive the summer heat in fashion on your Okanagan vacation?

Fashionistas all over the world are predicting that the fashion trend this summer 2017, will be a huge throwback to the 80’s. So dig out those daisy dukes and mirrored sunglasses.

Here are some of the top predicted must have fashion items of the upcoming summer 2017:

  1. Bralettes: lacy and simple, the bralette is the perfect piece for layering under sheer tops, swooping necklines, and t shirt dresses. These fun, flirty and summery tops an excellent piece for pairing with your high waisted denim jeans and lounging on the patio of your lakeside cottage.
  2. White dresses: everyone knows the power of the little black dress, well, it’s understated friend the flowy white sun dress is a must have staple in every woman’s wardrobe this upcoming summer. Paired with a cropped denim jacket for those chillier summer nights sitting around the campfire, you can’t go wrong with this simple timeless piece.
  3. Sheer: perfect for layering over that cute bikini top light, sheer tops are expected to trend this summer.
  4. Overalls: a true throwback, denim short overalls are the new bikini cover up when it comes to summer 2017.
  5. Hats: whether it’s a floppy sunhat, a straw cow girl inspired hat or your boyfriend’s ball cap; covering up that mane is a sure fire way to keep your summer tresses healthy and your sun kissed skin glowing.
  6. Sunglasses: oversized, aviator, polarized, heart shaped… There’s an endless selection of shades to protect those baby blues in style.