NEW La Casa Guest House Sign-In

La Casa Guest House Sign-In

If you are here to celebrate a wedding or event in the Guest House Ballroom, may we remind you that the Guest House is a ‘Self-Serve’ venue. Before checkout, guests are required to return all items, including furniture, to their original locations.

When in use, the BBQ must be moved to a distance of at least 2 feet from the side of the house as it will melt the windows and the cottage itself. You will be charged for any damages.

The thermostat temperature should only be adjusted in increments of 5 degrees at a time or the A/C unit will freeze up and stop working for hours.

At 4:00 PM every day, a strong wind comes up that causes the patio umbrellas to fly away. Please take them down if you are leaving the deck, as they can literally take orbit.

All properties are privately owned, please keep Guest House content in the Guest House.

Please note that charges, of up to $1000 + GST, may be applied if you do not comply with the following:

At check-out:

  1. Remaining dirty dishes must be loaded into the dishwasher and the dishwasher run.
  2. Garbage must be taken to the dump.
  3. Bottles must be taken to the recycling.
  4. The BBQ must be cleaned. If you are barbecuing messy meats with lots of sauces, consider cooking on a piece of tin foil. To clean the BBQ, scrape it with a brush. The best time to do this is immediately after BBQ use.


  1. Quiet time at the resort starts at 11:00pm and is strictly enforced with a $1000 bylaw penalty.
  2. Do not rewire or make any changes to the theatre equipment outside of regular use.
  3. No early check-ins our checkouts. A half night charge will be applied for late checkouts.
  4. Furniture Moving charges of $75/hour will be applied if you do not return items to their original locations.
  5. Unless you have made event arrangements to use additional place settings or furniture from the ballroom level, you will be charged at $20/person rental (which includes set-up and tear-down fee).
  6. The equipment in the projector room is not to be adjusted. There will be a minimum charge of $100 if a technician is needed to restore the equipment to working order.

Please initial here to acknowledge this section:

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* Please note that we take your credit card information for a $1000 security deposit. We will refund your credit card once the guest house has been cleaned.

Guest House Event Noise Monitoring

Thank you for choosing La Casa Cottage Resort for your wedding.

We hope that you and your guests have a wonderful stay with us. In an effort to help alleviate the risk of a noise violation fine, we suggest that couples designate between 2-4 people to assist in monitoring your guest's activity after 11pm.

The responsibility of the monitors will be to ensure that guests move inside the Guest House after 11pm. We find that asking for help with monitoring beforehand helps to lessen some of your responsibility towards the end of the night, and ensures that you are able to enjoy your reception, worry-free.

If you have requested assistance from specific guests, kindly enter the names and onsite contact numbers so that in the case of any noise-related issue we may contact them directly, instead of having to contact you or your partner.


La Casa Cottage Resort Staff