10 Ways to Keep the Weight Off While at the Cottage


10 Ways to Keep the Weight Off While at the Cottage

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Here are 10 great tips to help you keep the weight off while you visit La Casa Cottage Resort!

1. Get plenty of exercise – the Resort is great for walking, hiking, swimming and even cycling.

2. Eat healthy snacks – there are a plethora of local crops and harvests year-round in the Okanagan. Check out guide to seasonal Okanangan fruit to learn what’s in season during your stay.

3. Go easy on the alcohol – this is always good advice for maintaining good health.

4. Drink lots of water – especially during the summer as it can be very hot and dry in the peak months.

5. Watch your meal sizes and stick to recommended portions – When eating out, have half your meal wrapped up for a delicious lunch tomorrow!

6. Pick healthy snacks instead of sugary ones – Find some local fruits and veggies or stock up before you arrive at La Casa.

7. Avoid too much sauce on your food – La Casa is the perfect place to grill up a healthy meal of meats and veggies! With that outdoorsy, smoky flavour, you won’t even notice you’ve skipped the carb and sugar heavy sauce.

8. Stick to a meal plan at the cottage –Whether you choose to bring your food in with you, or pick it up from town once you arrive, make a meal plan at the beginning of your trip and stick to it to reduce excess eating.

9. Don’t overindulge – you are on vacation, but your metabolism is not!

10. Dance! – this is an especially easy AND fun one to commit to if you’re staying at La Casa for a wedding.

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