11 Ways to use Duct Tape when Hiking!


11 Ways to use Duct Tape when Hiking!

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There are so many wonderful walks and hikes around the La Casa, Fintry area. Here are 10 ways you can use duct tape on a hike!

1. Wrap some duct tape around your walking stick, water bottle or even a lighter for many useful fixes that might happen on your walk or hike.

2. If you find some ticks, use the duct tape to remove them off of your clothing of body.

3. If you start to get a blister, put some duct tape on the blister

4. If your shoe is rubbing, put some duct tape in the area that is bothering you.

5. If you sprain your ankle, put some duct tape around your ankle and foot in a figure eight, right over your sock.

6. If your water bottle springs a leak, put some duct tape over the leak.

7. If you get a tear in your jacket, put some duct tape over the tear.

8. If you drop your phone and it needs to be held together, put some duct tape around it.

9. If you need to cross some water and your shoes have holes that water can get in, put duct tape over the holes

10. Duct tape comes in many festive designs and colours so you can look more fashionable with your tape

11. Taking a selfie on a hike – attach your phone to a stick with duck tape and take your picture

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