4 West Kelowna Wineries you won’t want to miss

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4 West Kelowna Wineries you won’t want to miss

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4 West Kelowna Wineries you won’t want to miss


If you’re staying at La Casa Cottages and want to embark on some wine tasting, then you should definitely check out the West Side Wine Trail. These wineries are closest to La Casa – so are perfect for lunch, tastings and vineyard walks! Whether you decide to take a Wine Tour (recommended for groups that plan on multiple wine tastings) or self-drive the route (cost-effective if you have a designated driver), here are 4 wineries you don’t want to miss on your next visit to Kelowna.

4 West Kelowna WIneries


Mission Hill Family Estate Winery

Mission Hill Family Estate has some of the finest architecture in the Okanagan region. With a curved arch entrance way, 12-storey bell tower and a latin-inspired Loggia (outside corridor/room) the estate is a romantic setting that is like no other winery. Enjoy walking around the grounds before you head into the tasting room. In the Summer months, dine at the Terrace Restaurant whilst looking out over Lake Okanagan.

• Quails’ Gate Winery

Though Quails’ Gate was founded in 1989, the Stewart family have been tied to vines and grape growing since 1908. This beautiful winery has a long history and so you may want to think about booking their Quails’ Gate Family Tour. This tour will give you an understanding of wine production and information specific to Quails’ Gate, as well as the opportunity to taste three of their award-winning wines. Afterwards, head over to the Old Vines Restaurant – a farm-to-table venue that is rated one of Canada’s top 100 restaurants. You won’t be disappointed!

• Rollingdale Winery

Rollingdale is a small certified Organic winery. Everything – the vines, grapes and wine-making process is Organic, making this a must-see winery on the West Side trail. With friendly staff and a small tasting room open all year round, Rollingdale is an authentic, unpretentious experience. In addition to the red and white wines, you can also taste three ice wines – very delicious!

• Indigenous World Winery

Aiming to showcase the history of the land through amazing wines and indigenous local food, Indigenous World Winery is one to watch. The winery is one of the only 100% natively-owned wineries in the world and takes pride in this fact. Pay attention to the exquisite designs on the wine bottle labels – these all have stories behind them and the staff will be more than happy to explain to you. Because it is so close to the highway, you don’t expect this winery to have knock out views across Lake Okanagan…but it does! What more could you want?


With so many wineries to choose from, the Okanagan is ideal for that special weekend away. Do you have a favorite location? If you were recommending one winery to a friend, which would it be? We would love to hear your thoughts – and if you are planning to visit Kelowna, then why not stay with us here at La Casa! More details about all our cottages can be found here.


Written by Hannah Poaros

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