6 Winter Road Trip Tips

Winter Road Trip

6 Winter Road Trip Tips

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6 Winter Road Trip Tips

Whether you’re a summer junkie or a snow lover, no one can deny that winter is just around the corner here in Canada.  There are lots of reasons to still get out and about though so why not take a winter road trip?  Pick your destination and you’re good to go.  Before you head out, there should be a few things you bear in mind as the weather can be unreliable!  Here are a list of winter road trip hacks that are sure to help you out.


Get the right tires for the terrain

It may be a tad arduous but hauling out your snow tires may be necessary if you’re heading somewhere with lots of snow! Some places may even require tire chains for heavy snowfall so be prepared to throw these in the back of your car as well.

Pack a winter emergency kit

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for a breakdown or unforeseen incident, which is why we suggest that you bring an emergency kit! Be sure to include a shovel (or two!), a first aid kit, extra coolant and windscreen wash, jumper cables, blankets, water and food – that way you’re covered for all situations.

Check for road closures & delays

To make your trip easier, check the news for any road closures or warnings. You may still be able to get to your destination; it might just involved you taking a different route!  Don’t just rely on your GPS system – figuring out your route before you leave is the key to a successful road trip.

Keep an eye on weather updates

As we all know, weather conditions can change rapidly so it is good to watch out for any updates that might occur in the week leading up to your road trip adventure.  Nobody wants to postpone their trip, but if the weather makes this a reality, you’ll want to know before you head out the door rather than getting stuck in the middle of a bad storm!

Charge your cell phone

You’ll want to make sure that your cell phone has full battery before you head out on any long journeys. This way you’ll be able to contact someone in an emergency or roadside assistance if you breakdown somewhere.


Fill up before you go

Definitely remember to fill up your tank before you head out, especially if you are heading anywhere that has limited gas stations on route! It is also a good idea to keep your tank half full and top up frequently if you are going to be on the road for some time.


So there you go – 6 tips to help you out when planning your Winter Road trip!  We would just love to hear where you are off to.  Any exciting plans?


Written by Hannah Poaros

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