Exciting Activities to do at Silver Star Resort that aren’t skiing

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Exciting Activities to do at Silver Star Resort that aren’t skiing

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Three Exciting Activities to do at Silver Star Resort that aren’t skiing

Snow season is here! Vernon is home to SilverStar Mountain Resort, a gorgeous place to get your snow fix! And mountains are not just for skiers and snowboarders – they’re for everyone – so here’s some ways to get on the snow without bringing your skis:

  • Horse Sleigh Rides

    Treat the whole family this holiday season with a special Hot Chocolate & Horse Sleigh Ride! Spend the afternoon journeying through the snowy mountain trails and stop at the cozy Wild Horseman’s Cabin for a warming cup of hot chocolate next to the fireplace.  If the kids are not fans of winter, then they will be after this!

  • Fat Biking

    Ever wanted to ride a bike on the snow? Well, now you can! Fat bikes have wider sized tires which allow them to ride on soft terrains.  SilverStar has over 15km of fat bike trails that range from beginner to advanced – perfect for riders of all skills.  If you’re keen to ride with others, then why not join a Pedal and Pint Fat Bike Ride?  These are guided group rides that are sure to be a bundle of laughs:  experienced riders get to embark on evening rides on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6pm, whilst Beginners can enjoy Sundays at 2pm. Get ready for a whole new adventure this season!

  • Snowmobile Tours

    If you want to experience the powder of SilverStar’s backcountry without skis, then book yourself a Snowmobile tour! Tours range from one hour to three hours, depending on how much time you want to spend on the snow, and are operated by Okanagan Recreation Rentals.  Learn to ride your own Snowmobile and have fun exploring the beautiful views and terrain of the Mountain – the ideal way to spend a winter’s day!


SilverStar Mountain Resort is located in Vernon, and is a 1 hr drive from La Casa Cottages.  Come and stay in our Guest House during the Winter with the whole family, and enjoy all the local winter activities!


Written by Hannah Poaros

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