Activities Park


Swings, slides, monkey bars and an abundance of soft sand to play in. Your family will enjoy themselves while you watch from the nearby benches.

Sport/Tennis Courts

Two tennis courts are available to use complimentary from 8am to dusk. Tennis racquets and balls are provided for La Casa Club Members from Guest Services located on the main floor of the Events Centre.

Mini Golf CourseMini Golf

An 18-hole mini golf course sits next to the pool and playground and has some pretty difficult holes. Give it a try and see how you score! Putters, balls and score cards can be picked up at Guest Services as part of the La Casa Club, or you are free to bring your own equipment.

Communal BBQ Area

Do you have a large group that would like to BBQ and eat together? Then use our communal BBQ area next to the playground, with . Bon appetite!

Beach Volleyball Court

Enjoy some volleyball with your bare feet in the warm sand! The court can be found next to the playground.