Blossoms in the Okanagan

cherry blossoms

Blossoms in the Okanagan

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Blossoms in the Okanagan

It’s spring! A great time to visit the Okanagan to view the beautiful flowers and blossoms! The Kelowna area is a hub of farms, orchards, and vineyards, so your Spring visit will be full of colourful trees and fragrant smells.  Here’s what fruit trees are due to blossom in the next month (Late April to Mid May):

  • Cherries

    cherry blossom

  • Apricots

  • apricot blossomPeaches 

  • peach blossomApples

apple blossoms

  • Pears

pear blossom

Great places to view the blossoms include Paynter’s Fruit Market, Kempf Orchards and Graziano Orchards – but really, you could choose any orchard and be dazzled with stunning views!

Then come back 2 months later to enjoy the ripening fresh fruit – if you go to a U-Pick farm, then you might be able to eat a piece right off the tree (July to October).


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Written by Hannah Poaros

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