Feel the Experience of seeing Fireworks in the winter.

Big White Ski Hill – Saturday Night Fireworks

Big White Ski Hill -Saturday Night Fireworks! Are you and the family looking for something fun and exciting to do this time of year? Big White has the fun and excitement for Free. Experience the magic of winter under the colourful display of Fireworks!

Come and experience Big White on Saturday Night while they light up the night!


Visit Big White’s – Happy Valley to feel some joy! Every Saturday Night  @ 8:20 pm until the last night  April 13, 2024 Big White is offering free fireworks for the entire family. Even in the Dead of Winter you can still experience a fun and exciting time out with everyone.


You could bring the whole family for the day or evening. There is so much for everyone to experience at Big White Ski Hill. From Sleigh rides to tubing, ice skating and  fine dining experience to a delicious and unique food truck vendors. You and the whole family are sure to delight the senses and have an experience to remember. Lots of Fun for All ages and levels of experience. Don’t let winter keep you indoors. Head out and have some fun. Come out to Big White Ski Hill and experience the Saturday Night Fireworks for free!

Big White Ski Hill is a place to experience. It is approximately 1 hr from Kelowna Airport. Only about 1 1/2 hrs from the La Casa Cottage Resort and the La Mirador Guest House.

Big White Events

Big White Food and Dining

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Shorts Creek Fintry Park

Springs Awakening: March Hiking Around Fintry

As March unfolds, signalling  Springs awakening- March Hiking around Fintry is one of  the best Westside Rd.  features. The trails around Fintry come to life with the promise of a vibrant Spring. One of the perfect places to witness this seasonal transition is the enchanting Fintry Provincial Park. As Shorts Creek  awakens to Spring as you can hear the creek beginning to babble on its travel to Lake Okanagan. March hiking around Fintry is an amazing experience.

Here’s your guide to exploring the rejuvenated trails and welcoming the arrival of spring around Fintry.

Getting There: Reaching Fintry is a breeze. A short drive down Westside Road, from Vernon or West Kelowna and you’ll find yourself at the entrance of the park. You can take a leisurely walk along the lakeside or on the boardwalk, leading you to the trails that weave through the park’s captivating landscapes.

The Hike: March brings a thaw to the  hiking trails, creating a moderate hiking experience suitable for various skill levels. The snow covered trails, now reveal the earth beneath. The Park is offering glimpses of emerging greenery. The transition from winter’s hush to spring’s awakening adds a touch of magic. Spring is an ideal time for nature enthusiasts to witness the rebirth of the landscape.

What to Wear: Dressing in layers is still advisable due to changing temperatures throughout the day. A light jacket, comfortable moisture-wicking layers. A hat to shield against the early spring sun are recommended. Wear sturdy hiking boots to navigate the trails comfortably. Bringing a small backpack to carry essentials like water, snacks, and a camera if desired. A walking stick can also be helpful on your hikes.

Footwear: While the trails are no longer blanketed in snow, a good pair of hiking boots remains essential. Choose footwear with reliable traction to navigate any muddy patches that may persist. As the trails come alive with the first signs of blooming flora, protecting your feet and ankles is key to enjoying your hike.

Fintry Provincial Park is a celebration of Springs Awakening. Embrace the vibrant spring -March hiking around Fintry and changing seasons never disappoint. Take a moment to breathe in the crisp air, and experience the magic as the trails unfold.

Fintry Park Self Guide Walking Tour Brochure

Fintry Provincial Park Map

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February Cocktails and Mocktails!

Love is in the air this month and we’ve put together a couple fun cocktails and mocktails for the whole family!

Enjoy the season of love with these fresh and tasty drink recipes. So many people automatically think of strawberries as the ‘fruit of Valentines Day’ – chocolate dipped, mixed in drinks, or just on their own. But we think raspberries are just as worthy and we can’t wait for you to try out these tantalizing recipes.

Raspberry Rose Fizz


  • 2 oz of Gin
  • 1 oz of Raspberry Liqueur
  • 1/2 oz of Rose Syrup
  • Champagne

Stir gently to incorporate all the flavours. Add ice if desired. Garnish will fresh raspberries.

Love Potion Mocktail


  • 3 oz Cranberry Juice
  • 2 oz of Pomegranate Juice
  • 1 oz of Raspberry Puree
  • Splash of Club Soda

Stir gently to incorporate flavours. Add ice if desired. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and serve.

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Chocolates, with their luscious textures, rich flavours, and irresistible aromas, have been captivating our taste buds for centuries. This delectable treat, derived from the cacao bean, has evolved into an art form that transcends mere indulgence. In this blog, we embark on a delightful journey through the world of chocolates, exploring their history, diverse varieties, health benefits, and the sheer joy they bring to our lives.

A Brief History of Chocolate:
Chocolates have a fascinating history that dates back to ancient Mesoamerica, where the Mayans and Aztecs revered cacao as a divine gift. It was considered a precious commodity and used in religious rituals, as well as for currency. It was only after the arrival of cacao in Europe that it underwent transformations, becoming the sweet, creamy treat we adore today.

Chocolate Varieties:
1. Dark Chocolate: With a high cocoa content, dark chocolate offers intense, bittersweet flavors. It’s cherished for its potential health benefits, including antioxidants and potential mood-boosting properties.

2. Milk Chocolate: Creamy and sweet, milk chocolate is a beloved choice for many. It contains milk solids, giving it a smoother texture and a milder flavor.

3. White Chocolate: Though technically not chocolate (as it lacks cocoa solids), white chocolate is a sweet confection made from cocoa butter. It’s characterized by its sweet, vanilla-rich taste.

4. Ruby Chocolate: A relatively new addition to the chocolate world, ruby chocolate is naturally pink in color, with a unique berry-like flavor. It’s created from special ruby cacao beans.

5. Artisanal and Craft Chocolate: Small-batch, artisanal chocolates have gained popularity for their attention to detail and unique flavor profiles. Craft chocolatiers often source high-quality cacao beans and experiment with various ingredients to create exceptional chocolates.

Chocolate and Health:
While it’s essential to enjoy chocolates in moderation, they do offer some surprising health benefits:

1. Rich in Antioxidants: Dark chocolate, in particular, is a good source of antioxidants like flavonoids, which can help protect cells from oxidative stress.

2. Heart Health: Some studies suggest that moderate consumption of dark chocolate may have a positive impact on heart health, including lower blood pressure and improved blood flow.

3. Mood Enhancement: Chocolate contains compounds that can stimulate the production of endorphins and serotonin, potentially contributing to improved mood.

4. Brain Function: The flavonoids in chocolate may help enhance cognitive function and memory.

The Joy of Chocolate:
Beyond its nutritional benefits, chocolate plays a significant role in our emotional well-being. It’s a universal symbol of love and affection, making it a favorite gift on occasions like Valentine’s Day. Chocolate has the magical ability to comfort, soothe, and bring smiles to faces, which is why it’s often turned to in times of celebration, solace, or simply to savor life’s little pleasures.


As winter wraps the Okanagan in a crystalline embrace, ice fishing enthusiasts are lured to the frozen lakes surrounding this picturesque region. February offers the perfect opportunity to experience the thrill of ice fishing, and there are many lakes in the Okanagan that offer prime spots for this chilly adventure. Here’s your guide to some great Okanagan ice fishing locations!

Shannon Lake

Most spots are going to require a car to get to, but there are some good Urban Ice Fishing locations that can be accessed by public transit! Shannon Lake is easily accessible by families, and you can take the bus there! At Shannon Lake you will find perch, large mouth bass, and rainbow trout. With easy parking access, and washroom facilities open all year, this is a great spot to head to if you only have a few hours to spare!

Swan Lake & Oyama Lake

Here is a great lake located close to Vernon’s city centre. Swan Lake is a shallow lake with a great fishery, and is most popular for its perch!

Oyama Lake is another great choice for families, and it about a 1-hour drive from Kelowna. It is well stocked with Rainbow Trout, and if you stick close to the weed beds we hear you might have more nibbles!

Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake is located in Lake Country and is well stocked with rainbow trout, though you may also catch sculpin! This lake may be a bit out of the way, but the road is well maintained in winter, so if you are looking for a safe adventure slightly further afield, this may be a good choice for you! And keep you eye on the Lake Country Calendar, as local fishing clubs have been known to hold events here!

Staying Safe While Ice Fishing

Obviously we want everyone to have a great time, and to ensure your fun isn’t interupted we recommend that you dress appropriatly for the activity, monitor ice levels, and make note of any warning or signs posted around the lakes. Below are some suggestions to help you with your planning!

What To Wear

Dress in layers to stay warm during your ice fishing adventure. A thermal base layer, insulated jacket, and waterproof outer shell will help you stay comfortable in the chilly temperatures. Don’t forget a warm hat and gloves to protect against the cold winds, and consider bringing hand warmers to keep your fingers nimble during those quiet moments on the ice.


Warm, waterproof boots with good traction are essential for navigating icy surfaces. Consider insulated boots to keep your feet toasty, and ensure they provide enough ankle support for any uneven terrain you might encounter. Ice cleats can be a valuable addition, offering extra stability on slippery surfaces.

For more information on how to plan for your ice-fishing adventure, check out the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, and don’t forget to get your licence!

If you are looking for a place to stay while you visit, consider La Casa Mirador for larger group (it can sleep 28 guests!) or our La Casa Cottages for groups of up to 8 guests.

With the serene beauty of the Okanagan as your backdrop and the anticipation of a frozen catch, February ice fishing promises an unforgettable winter adventure!