beach bag and towel

Your Beach Vacation Packing List


Have you ever had a hard time deciding what to bring to the beach? If so, we can help you! The essentials are listed below:

  • Beach Towel

La Casa Cottage Resort doesn’t rent beach towels so make sure you bring your favourite one from your home! What’s your go-to towel?

  • Sun Screen

Want to soak up the sun? It’s important to use sunscreen whilst outside, click here for more information!

  • Beach Bag

We recommend a bag made from waterproof material with a distinctive pattern so that you can spot it easily among others.

  • Sandals/Flip flops

To complete your look, choose a set of sandals that is comfortable, durable- and stylish! Flip flops are another option.

  • Swimsuit

Last but not least: a swimsuit! Whether you’re a fan of bikinis, one-pieces or shorts, having a flattering, colourful swimsuit is a must…so make sure you don’t forget to pack one.

Now you’re ready…

The Okanagan region is known for beautiful lakes. Not sure idea where you should go? Here’s our Top 10 Beaches in the Okanagan! If you are planning to do watersports, you’re in luck! There are so many places to do kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, scuba diving, and fishing.


Ready to head to the beach but haven’t booked accommodation? Call our reservations line on 1-888-226-5566 or email  to find your perfect cottage at La Casa Cottages!


Written by Natsumi Matsumoto


Sun and sunscreen

The best way to soak up the Sun


Summer is coming! Do you like play in the sun? We’re here to give you 3 tips to getting healthy and glowing skin without the damage that comes from too much sun.

  1. Apply sun protection before sunbathing

Many people think that you cannot get a tan while wearing sun protection, but that is not true. You should always apply sun protection because sun damages your skin, leading to aging, wrinkles, sun spots, and more serious consequences such as cancer. There are two types of ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB. A is for ageing (the UV rays that permanently damage your skin cells) and B is for burning (the radiation that causes sunburn and sun damage). SPF (sun protection factor) works to protect against both. The sun is at its strongest between the hours of 10am and 4pm, so be cautious of sunbathing for too long within this period.

  1. Moisturize

While sunbathing, your skin gets dry. Using moisturizing cream will help protect your skin from drying out. Most outdoor tanning lotions are designed to replenish the moisture. Make sure you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated as well!

  1. Calm your skin

After sunbathing, you will also have to moisturize your skin to make the bronze even. You can also use a cooling cream or have a cool shower to get rid of burning and calm your skin.

Outdoor tanning lotion

To shorten the time taken to get a healthy tan while also protecting your skin from excessive sun damage, try an outdoor tanning lotion. Outdoor tanning lotions are available for all skin types and come specially labeled for oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin types. Different formulas of outdoor tanning lotions are available depending on the tone you would like your skin to have – medium, dark, olive, and so on.

Most outdoor tanning lotions can be categorized into following types.

  • Accelerators

This is to speed up the skin tanning process; stimulate skin cells to produce melanin.

  • Maximizers

This is for those people who already have a base tan but want to take that tan deeper.

  • Bronzers

This combines with either accelerators or maximizers. It helps you the color you want while your skin darkens underneath it.

  • Anti-Aging

This benefit contains vitamins designed to fight signs of aging, especially those that result from sun damage. It can be combined with accelerators, maximizers, or bronzers.

  • Tattoo Protection

UV rays can fade and damage tattoos, and protecting them will allow them to remain vibrant for longer.


Thus, you have a variety of options to get your best tan. Find your perfect one and head to the beach! There are more than 30 beaches along Lake Okanagan’s shores, and the water can reach 23°C by July. If you are interested in visiting the Okanagan, check out our great selection of lakeside cottages


Written by Natsumi Matsumoto


Kayaking in the Okanagan


Lake Okanagan is a very large lake at 135kmlong and 4-5km wide.

Many people go Kayaking in Lake Okanagan along the shorelines to get breathtaking views and to relax. The waters start warming up come July, just in time for the beautiful weather to take the kayaks out. While out kayaking, there are a few things you do not want to forget, especially with the sun shining down on you all day.



You’ll need a life jacket. If you are a great swimmer that is awesome, but if something happens and it is out of your control you’re going to want a life jacket on. 

You’re going to get thirsty!  Don’t forget to bring yourself a few drinks. Most kayaks have a little drink holder to hold them, if not a small travel cooler is perfect and will fit in between your feet. 

You don’t want to burn, so don’t forget your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses! Most importantly you don’t want to forget your kayak and paddle. 


Many people go kayaking and don’t realize the exercise you get. While kayaking, you are working your core muscles. These muscles are seldom used as many of our everyday activities don’t use these muscles. From paddling your switching off from the right side to the left, your body is twisting in the meantime causing those muscles to work. You are also using your shoulders to paddle, and your top of your back muscles. After a full day of kayaking, your muscles will feel sore the next day.

Okanagan Lake is perfect for Watersports.

More details on kayak rentals can be found on our Amenities page.


Written by Megan Harder

Okanagan Lake

Boating on Okanagan Lake


Lake Okanagan is a very large lake at 135km long and 4-5km wide.

Vernon is at the North end, Penticton in the South, with Kelowna roughly in the middle to the West and the smaller Communities of West Kelowna, Peachland and Summerland along the way on the West side. The water starts warming up around the end of June and is just warm enough to jump in around the beginning of July to cool off. Isolated beaches, quiet bays, and sheltered coves are just a few things that you will find out enjoying the day on the boat. There are tons of rental companies, yacht clubs and marinas that you will find along the shorelines in both directions. At La Casa Cottage Resort, we sell boat slips for our guests to bring their own boats. We also have a marina and a boat launch for them to use.  More details on boat slips and boat rentals can be found on our Activities page.

La Casa Cottage Resort Beach


Whether it is windy and wavy, or calm and hot, you will always find many boaters out enjoying the water. Since this is such a big lake, and so many people like to enjoy it, you have to be aware of your surroundings and of other boaters. When you’re out boating, you never want to forget the necessities like food/water, lifejackets and most importantly sun screen. The Okanagan sun is very hot and if your not wearing sunscreen for the day out on the lake you will get burnt badly. Just like any lake, there are beaches that you can only get to by boat. You can find a couple of these along the West side of the lake near Kelowna and up towards Vernon. Being out on the boat and seeing all the wildlife in their natural habitat is truly beautiful. You may have the chance to see bears, deers, moose, and big horn sheep, to name a few.

Okanagan Lake is a boating and sailing paradise.


Written by Megan Harder