British Columbia

Black bear

What to do if you see a Bear


If you go hiking, you may one day encounter a bear. Therefore it is really important to know about how you should behave when this happens. BC is home to both black bears and grizzly bears. They tend to behave differently in a given situation, so first you need may want to know the differences between these bears. The protocol for bear encounters is different depending on the type you see.

Differences between Black Bears and Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears are also called Brown bears. Don’t be deceived by their name! Both of these bears can be anything from blonde to dark black in color. You can’t identify a bear based on its color alone. The easiest way to tell if a bear is a black bear or a grizzly bear is to look for the shoulder hump.  Grizzly bears have a very distinct hump on their shoulder area which black bears do not. Black bears are the most common type of bear near BC’s largest cities. Grizzly bears generally live in rural and remote areas of BC and thrive in undisturbed habitats.

What to do if you see a bear

  • Do not run/climb a tree

These Behaving in this way might cause the black bear to chase after you. Bears are good climbers.

  • Talk in a low, calm voice

Let the bear know you’re there so it can see you’re no danger to it. However if the bear is 300 feet away and hasn’t noticed your presence, making a quiet exit is probably your best course of action.

  • Back away slowly

Back away without making any sudden movements and hopefully you and the bear will go your separate ways.

What to do if a Black bear charges at you

  • Stand your ground

If the bear is still with you even after you have followed the above, slowly put your arms up around you or move to higher ground to make yourself look bigger. Black bears are generally timid animals. 

  • Always leave the bear an escape route

  • Fighting back

As a last resort, you may want to fight back with all your strength, aiming direct blows at the bear’s face while using any weapon or object available to you. If you have bear spray with you, this would be the time to use it.

What to do if a Grizzly bear charges at you

Grizzly bears have an aggressive nature, and if you behave the same way as you would when seeing a black bear, you could make the situation worse.

  • Use Bear pepper spray

  • Play dead

Lay flat on your stomach with your hands clasped behind your neck. Spread your legs to make it harder for the bear to turn you over. It is likely that the bear will try to flip you over or play with your body. If this happens, instead of resisting, you should allow the bear to flip you, but roll all the way over so you end up face-down again.

grizzly bear

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Written by Natsumi Matsumoto

peaches Penticton

Penticton Peach Festival in South Okanagan

August 7th – 11th, 2019

penticton peach festival

Penticton Peach Festival (Aug. 7-11, 2019) is an annual South Okanagan Valley tradition, which began in 1947, to celebrate the peach harvest in Penticton, British Columbia. Penticton sits between Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake in the beautiful southern Okanagan Valley. The festival is volunteer run and one of the largest free family festivals in Canada. 

The Penticton Peach Festival has 5 days of action packed entertainment for all ages. Whether you’re into music, sports, cooking, dancing or parades, you will find something to make you smile.

Variety of Activities

  • Reel Peachfest (short video contents that creatively entertain and tell a story about the Okanagan that evokes community pride)
  • Peter Brothers Grand Parade (largest parade in the B.C. Interior, floats from across B.C. and Washington State, marching bands, dancers, gymnasts, musicians, clubs, associations and clowns)
  • Kiddies’ Parade (kids decorate their bikes, wagons or scooters)
  • Peach Bin Races (using a peach bin, retrofit it with whatever mechanical or aesthetic stylings you choose)
  • The Seattle All City Marching Band
  • Sandcastle competition
  • Skaha Lake Ultra Swim (an 11.8 km point-to-point open water swim in the warm, fresh waters of Skaha Lake)
  • Sheila Bishop Slo-Pitch Tournament
  • Skateboard & BMX competition
  • Dance show
  • Music live stage
  • High-flying freestyle motocross
  • Dog show
  • Amusements

Want to join the festival? Click here for more details! 


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Written by Natsumi Matsumoto

Harrison Hot Springs

Best Places to stop between Vancouver & Kelowna

Are you driving from Vancouver?  Want to break up the drive or extend your vacation?  Here are a few great places to stop, either for an afternoon or an overnight stay!

Open from April till October, Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park is a quick and easy stop just east of Chilliwack.  The park is named after Bridal Veil Falls, a beautiful waterfall that cascades 60m down the side of the rock face.  The area is surrounded by valleys and mountains, making it a stunning picnic and photo opportunity.  Enjoy the small hiking trail that takes you to a viewing platform at the base of the falls – only a half hour walk!

For a relaxing one night stop over, why not take a break in Harrison Hot Springs?  The village is home to two of BC’s hot springs: Potash (40 degrees C) and Sulpher (62 degrees C).  Water is pumped from these springs into an indoor public hot pool that any visitor can experience.  Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa also has their own indoor and outdoor pools which are also sourced from the hot springs. No matter which pool you choose, you’re guaranteed to leave Harrison totally rejuvenated!

Open throughout Summer and Winter, Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area is the perfect place to stop along the Coquihalla Highway!  There are a number of hiking trails accessible in the summer, whilst the recreation area is popular with backcountry skiers and snowboarders in the winter.    It’s also great for snowshoeing! If you’re just looking for some picturesque views and a quiet moment during your journey, then you’ll also find that here.

As you get closer to the Okanagan, you might stumble across Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park in Merritt.   The park is home to two lakes, Kentucky Lake and Alleyne Lake, and these are surrounded by grasslands as well as dry forest areas.  The colours are striking between April and October when the landscapes are bright green and the waters are turquoise.  This is also a great area for fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking and even ice fishing!  An absolutely ideal place to spend an afternoon.

British Columbia

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Written by Hannah Poaros

Pastry Coffee Tasting

Eat & Drink your way around Vernon’s Tasting Trail

Calling all foodies! Here are some of our favourite spots on Vernon’s Tasting Trail.  Make a day of and visit as many as you can.

  • Honeymoon Meadery

    Honeymoon Meadery hand-crafts all their wines locally in their honey farm, Planet Bee. And you may be wondering, what is mead?  Mead is honey wine!  This alcoholic drink is made by fermenting honey with water, and then depending on the variety, it can be blended with other fruits, spices or hops.  Try Honeymoon’s Traditional Meads (only honey, water and yeast), Cysers (Apples and honey) and even their Dessert Meads (which have a higher level of sugar).  Taste them all at the Meadery and purchase some of your favourites to enjoy at home!

  • Ratio Coffee and Pastry

    Looking for the perfect coffee and pastry spot? Well, we’ve found it! Ratio Coffee & Pastry is a gem of a café located in downtown Vernon serving a variety of baked goods. And with each day of the week comes a different special pastry!  Try house made eclairs on Tuesdays, seasonal fruit strudels on Thursday and even freshly made pizzas on Friday and Saturday nights! There’s so many delicious treats to try here so you better start now.

  • Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery  

    It’s worth visiting Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery because it is ‘North America’s only designated World Distillery’ and is Western Canada’s oldest craft distillery. You can try three spirits for $5 in their tasting room and learn all about the process of distilling.  Try everything from absinthe to gin to fruit liqueurs and brandy! What’s your favourite?

  • Triple Island Cheese

    Anyone for some cheese? Head down to Triple Island Farm and taste some cheese, meet some cows and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere of the farm! Cheese here is made from raw milk, meaning it is healthier for you but also super yummy.  Gouda is the signature cheese offered on the farm and its variations include aged gouda, chilli pepper gouda, peppercorn gouda, cumin and cloves gouda and everything in between.   Perfect cheese to go with a box of crackers.

There you have it – 4 not-to-be-missed stops on the Vernon Tasting Trail! Of course, there are many more brilliant breweries, wineries and eateries throughout the region so take your time discovering all its flavours. 

Gouda Cheese Tasting

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Written by Hannah Poaros

Painting Art Mural

Explore Vernon’s Art Murals

Did you know that Downtown Vernon has 28 art murals? And they’re all rather special because they depict Vernon’s history.  If you’re passing through Vernon to get to La Casa, or you’re simply taking a day trip – make sure you spend some time admiring these beautiful pieces of local art.  Highlights of the Mural Tour include:

  • Cowboys:

    depicting the 1860s – 1890s era of cattle ranchers and the beginning of Coldstream Ranch.  Located at 3213 30th Ave, the Scotia Bank Building.

  • Okanagan Indian Band:

    the relationship between the Okanagan Indian Band and the European Fur Traders back in the 1800s.  Located at 3219 31st Ave, AJ’s Pets Building.

  • Multiculturalism:

    showing the many cultures of Vernon’s citizens.  Located at 3101 3nd Ave, Vernon Post Office Building.

  • Sovereign Lake:

    a snowy scene of the lake’s 1939 log cabin, perfect for cross country skiers. Located at 3111 32nd Ave, Vantage One Leasing Inc.

  • The City of Vernon:

    an intriguing story of two local boys who built a small, open cockpit monoplane.  Located at 2904 32nd St, beside the Telus Building.

  • Museum without Walls:

    an image of women working in the orchards during WWI. Located at 3301 Coldstream Ave, Peacock and Lime Hair and Esthetics Building.

  • Ogopogo:

    see Okanagan Lake’s magical monster – sightings of Ogopogo were first reported in the 1860s.  Located at 2704 Highway 6, Science Center Building.


Want to know more?  View the Mural Descriptions, and Mural Map, or even take the online Guided tour!  Which mural will be your favourite?

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Written by Hannah Poaros