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Grocery Shopping for La Casa

La Casa is located in West Kelowna, near Fintry, and consequently, is at least half an hour away from any major grocery stores.  Most of the time we recommend that guests pick up their groceries from a store on the way up to the property—either stopping in Kelowna or Vernon, depending on your route.

However—there is an easier way! Save time on your way up to La Casa by pre-ordering your groceries from Save On Foods. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way to relaxation!

  1. Register online and make an account with Save On Foods.
  2. Pick the store you would like to pick up from—there are several around the Kelowna area.
  3. Select all your favourite items that you will need for your vacation.
  4. Choose a time you would like to pick up your order.
  5. Confirm your order!
  6. Relax.

Alternatively, you can ask Save On Foods to deliver your groceries to La Casa! Follow the below:

  1. Enter the postal code of the place your groceries are going to. 
  2. Then pick a time for the delivery. You must be there for drop off. 
  3. Depending on the time and day of the week, the delivery cost will vary. Currently delivery fees range from $5 to $20. You must have a minimum order of $40.

grocery shopping

Don’t forget to book your stay at La Casa! Temperatures are dropping and leaves are falling, so there’s no better time to start planning your summer vacation—just the thought of a hot, sunny vacation will help you get through these cold months, we promise! Call our reservations team at 1-888-226-5566 or email to find your perfect cottage today.

Note: There is a small store at La Casa where you can pick up any groceries you’ve forgotten! Hours do vary depending on the season.

crock pot cooking

Why You Should Bring a Crock Pot to the Cottage

 Our cottages all have fully equipped kitchens but if you have a busy vacation planned or you don’t enjoy cooking, then a crock pot might just be your new best friend. Here are 5 reasons why you should bring one along with you on your next La Casa cottage stay.

A Time Saver 

On vacation, after an active day out, you might not want to spend every evening cooking. Using a crock pot will save you time as it cooks your food slowly whilst you are out for the day. You can explore as long as you want, and when you come back, you cottage will be full of delicious smells!

An Easy Cooking Experience

You can find plenty of crock pot recipes online. Simply combine all the ingredients for the dish you wish to cook, set the temperature, switch on the timer and that’s it! There’s nothing complicated about slow cooking…it just takes time.

Note: On your way to La Casa, make sure you pick up some groceries as there are no supermarkets near the property.  Online shopping is also an option via Save On Foods – details available in our FAQ.

You Can Create Healthy Meals

Slow cooker recipes don’t usually call for added oils or fats since they use water and time to cook the food. The food is not fried or prepared in unnecessary ways.  This means that the final result will be healthier than the same meal cooked in a frying pan or on the grill (where oil or butter is needed).

It’s Budget Friendly Cooking

Crock pots can save you money in several ways. Firstly, they can make a lot of food at once. Secondly, you can use a crock pot to mix and re-cook leftovers into a second family meal. Crock pots are so versatile that almost any food can be cooked in them. This means that there is no need to buy expensive grocery items. For example, a crock pot can turn cheaper cuts of meat into a tender and tasty meal.

Guaranteed Hassle-Free Clean-Up

The beauty of cooking with a crock pot is that you can cook an entire family meal in one pot. To guarantee easy cleanup, rub the inside of the stoneware with oil or spray it with nonstick cooking spray before using the crock pot. If you want an even easier clean up routine, use a slow cooker liner.  These are plastic bags that can be taken out once you’ve finished eating, and thrown away. Some crock pots also have a removable crock.

crock pot cooking
Are you ready for your next cottage vacation? Contact our reservations team by calling 1-888-226-5566 or emailing and book your stay!

Written by Natsumi Matsumoto

power outage candles

How to Stay Entertained When the Power Goes out

It is always good to be prepared for a power outage. A power outage emergency kit should include some of the following: flashlight, electrical lanterns, batteries, candles, lighters, and matches. (If you are staying at a La Casa cottage at the time of a power outage, then emergency kits are provided).

  • Read a book

Get cozy with a blanket and your favourite book. You can read a book with light from a candle or flashlight and this will create a different atmosphere for you to enjoy!

  • Write something

When the power goes out, it is a good chance to do some writing, especially since we tend to write less these days. Drawing is another great option.

  • Chill with your family & friends

Make sure that everyone is safe in the house, gather together and chill with them. If you are alone in the house, then you can relieve your anxiety by phoning one of your friends – and using this as an excuse to have a long overdue catch-up!

  • Do a Blind Wine Tasting

If you have a couple of wine bottles lying around (not drunk already of course), you could do a blind wine tasting! See who can guess which wine is which!

  • Indoor Camp

Set up a tent, or build a pillow fort using blankets, pillows, tables, and chairs. Play some card games or board games inside your tent or fort, and end the evening by telling ghost stories.

  • Stargaze

If weather permits, take a blanket out into the backyard and watch the beautiful sky. You’ll have limited light pollution meaning you can see the stars clearly!

  • Drive/Go out

If it is safe to do so, get out of the house and go shopping, watch a movie or walk to a park. You could also go on a road trip and spend the day exploring – hopefully by the time you come home, the power will already be back on!


These are fun activities you can do during a power outage. The most important thing is to think about your safety.  Have other ideas for entertaining the family when the power goes out?  Let us know by commenting below!

reading by flashlight

Sometimes (not often) power outages occur at La Casa.  If you have any concerns or questions about this, please contact our reservations and guest services team by calling 1 888 226 5566 or emailing 


Written by Natsumi Matsumoto

august long weekend

How to Spend August Long Weekend in Kelowna

It’s that time of year again – August long weekend!  We all love 3-day weekends, especially in the summer, when there’s always plenty of events happening in Kelowna and the sun is shining.  Here’s our suggested itinerary for the weekend:

Friday August 2

  • Check into your La Casa Cottage at 4pm.  Discover the surroundings of La Casa by walking down to the lake or up to the viewpoint.  Don’t forget to stop by the General Store if you’ve forgotten to pick up groceries – they have a small selection of groceries as well as alcoholic beverages.
  • If you’re interested in paddle boarding or kayaking during the course of your stay, make sure you reserve some equipment.  Pick up time is at 10am and return time is 9.30am the next day.
  • Take it easy after your long journey to Kelowna and use the BBQ at your cottage to grill some meat or veggies for dinner.  Play some card games outside and watch the sunset – you won’t regret it. 

Saturday August 3

  • Cook yourself a scrumptious brunch and enjoy eating out on the deck.  If you’re a morning person, then you might want to wake up early to watch the sunrise over the lake – if it’s a clear day of course!
  • Gather the troops and head down to the Kelowna Farmer’s & Crafter’s Market which runs from 8am till 1pm every Saturday.  This is your perfect chance to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as local eggs, spices, tea, flowers and more!  If you didn’t eat enough at breakfast, or you’re feeling a little peckish, then there are plenty of food vendors at the market. There’s everything from kettle corn to cinnamon rolls; falafel bites to French crepes! And if that isn’t enough reason to give the market a chance, then it’s also home to a range of crafters and artisans – need any art prints, unique jewellery, vintage footwear, handmade soaps? The list goes on.
  • Depending on how long you’re at the market, you might want to drive over to the Laurel Packinghouse to join one of their Cultural District Walking Tours.  These begin at 10am and last for 2 hours.  No registration is required for these free tours! Learn all about the history of Kelowna’s Cultural District and see plenty of art on this 2km walk.
  • Spend the afternoon wine tasting at Quail’s Gate Winery (the perfect place to stop on your way back to La Casa). Drop in tastings are available all day, every day. If you want to spend a little more time at this picturesque winery that offers stunning panoramic views, then definitely join an Estate Family Tour.  These insider tours last 1 hour and show you the basics of wine production.
  • After a busy day exploring Kelowna, make your journey back to La Casa. Once you’ve arrived back, you’ll want to take a dip in one of the two swimming pools to cool down!
  • Enjoy dinner at the cottage using all the local ingredients you’ve picked up earlier in the day. Accompany your dinner with a nice glass of Okanagan wine.

Sunday August 4

  • Start your day off with a special Sunday brunch at Hotel Eldorado in Kelowna (reservations are recommended). This popular brunch features omelettes, seafood, desserts, fresh fruit and all your breakfast favourites.  Hotel Eldorado is located right by the lake, so dining here offers spectacular waterfront views.  Other brunch alternatives include Muninn’s Post Brunch of the Gods – a unique food event that begins at 11am.
  • Take a mini road trip to Big White Ski Resort for a Geo Hiking adventure.  This scavenger hunt runs from 10am on Saturday to 4pm on Sunday – so there’s no time to waste! A family friendly event like no other where you get to explore the mountain AND have the chance to win some great prizes.
  • Alternatively, why not travel to Silver Star Mountain Resort for their Sunday Roast & Concert Series? The event runs every Sunday during August from 3pm till 6pm.  Expect live music, tasty food and alpine views.
  • Once you’ve returned to your cottage, you’ll no doubt be in need of some chill-out time.  Put together a picnic-style dinner (think crackers, cold meats, deli cheeses, olives and sun-dried tomatoes) and choose your perfect picnic spot. Maybe you’re happy eating out on the deck of your cottage.  Perhaps you’d like to try the Viewpoint Picnic Area.  Is the beach calling you?  There are so many possibilities for al fresco dining at La Casa: check out the site map here.
  • Sleep easy!

Monday August 5

  • Check out of your La Casa Cottage at 10am. Make sure you’ve collected all your belongings and any leftover groceries (leftovers make great snacks for the drive home!). Snap a photo of your group before you leave – because you won’t want to forget this action-packed long weekend!

farmers market
Can’t make it to Kelowna this weekend?  No worries! We’ve still got cottage stays available during August and September! Speak to one of our friendly reservations staff by calling 1-888-226-5566 or emailing to book your next vacation today.


Written by Hannah Poaros

kelowna wedding la casa guest house

Wedding Photographer of the Month – Introducing Ivenkaye Photographics

This month we bring you some wedding inspiration!  Check out these awesome images from Ivenkaye Photographics as well as an interview with the Photographer himself.  We think our Guest House is a pretty beautiful location – read on to see why we’re not the only ones that think so…

kelowna wedding la casa resort

So first off – how did you get into Wedding Photography & what do you love about it?

I photographed my first wedding when I was applying to photography school and needed a way to pay for my gear. My camera failed halfway through the ceremony and I finished shooting the wedding day on film. Although I loved it, it was a nerve wracking experience, and I didn’t photograph another one until three years later. I was drawn back to the Wedding Industry because of the realization that my images were making a significant difference in people’s lives.

In 2009 I began my own Wedding Photography Business, Ivenkayephotographics, and when I made the move to the Okanagan a year later, the Wedding Community here was still in it’s early stages. Now it is a huge community which really contributes to a diverse environment for people to come here and to get married. The reason I choose Wedding Photography is the people that I get to meet and the experiences are always so amazing. You are with a couple, who are in love, for a whole day, capturing their cherished memories for them, and taking part in the beginning of their lives together. Wedding days are a challenge too, very candid, very spontaneous and truthful and I really enjoy taking on that challenge to capture it all. It’s very important to be present and to be watchful and I thrive under those kind of conditions. It really brings out my creativity. 

kelowna wedding la casa resort

There are so many different styles of Wedding Photography.  How would you explain your approach to clients?

I would describe it first as clean and storytelling. From a technical standpoint I began learning photography with film and through my editing and composition I always use that as a beginning point, to create true and beautiful photographs, capturing detail and nuance. For me, storytelling moments are the most important because they capture true emotions.Those are the photographs that will take you back to the moment because of their truthfulness. That’s why I always gift engagement sessions to my couples. It’s important to know them, to experience them in front of a camera and for them to know how I work. That way, on the big day, they can relax and be themselves and experience the day without distraction and I am able to do my very best work for them. 

la casa guest house kelowna

Living in BC, you must know that there is an array of beautiful locations in the area.  Why do you think a couple should use the Okanagan – and more specifically, Kelowna – as their wedding destination?

I think that the area we live in is so diverse it would appeal to everyone. We have a beautiful lake and epic mountains, beaches and hikes, wineries and tap houses, and a host of incredible venues. Also the community here, the Wedding Industry Community, honestly is hard working and invested in making this area the very best for visiting couples. Standards here are incredibly high and we all diligently strive to meet them.

kelowna wedding la casa guest house

You’ve taken Wedding Photos at La Casa Guest House before.  Was there anything that surprised you about the property?  Anything that made you love shooting there?

It’s off the beaten track, private, and in a beautiful area. You get a true sense of the beauty of the area and the grandeur of B.C, while having all the comforts you would experience in the city limits. The drive from Kelowna to La Casa Guest House is an experience all it’s own and builds anticipation as you weave through the gorgeous scenery. You get the impression that you are traveling to somewhere truly special.

wedding la casa guest house
If you had to use five words to describe the venue, what would they be?

Private, Intimate, Peaceful, Panoramic, Comfortable.

wedding la casa guest house kelowna
These photos you have here; what made this wedding special?

Robyn and Curtis have an incredibly supportive and joyful group of family and friends that was an honor to be a part of. I remember that taking candids at their wedding was very easy; everyone was so at ease and happy to be with each other, as if they were in the comfort of their own homes. I couldn’t help but be uplifted by the experience on a personal level, and I could honestly say I left the wedding that night, after saying my goodbyes, with a little bit of reluctance, sad to have the experience come to an end.

kelowna wedding
Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding at La Casa?

Plan ahead with cooler supplies; mid-day beer runs are not that easy. If you are planning a summer wedding, keep an eye on the forecast, and maybe bring some parasols for the ceremony. The Okanagan can get quite warm mid-day! And the photos will look great.

And lastly, what is the best way for potential clients to get in contact with you?

Go to our Website at and fill out a form or call us at 1-250-899-2695. Looking forward to hearing from you!

kelowna wedding

So, are you inspired to host your wedding in the Okanagan? 

Do you think the Guest House at La Casa has it all?  

For more information on planning your wedding at La Casa, please visit our Weddings page or feel free to speak to us directly on our reservations line at +1 888 226 5566.  Here are our 4 Reasons to have your Wedding at the Guest House… we look forward to helping you plan the Wedding of your dreams!


All of the photos featured in this post are from Robyn & Curtis’ Wedding, taken by Ivenkaye Photographics.

Blog post by Hannah Poaros.