Entertain the Kids at Scandia Golf & Games

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Entertain the Kids at Scandia Golf & Games

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Entertain the Kids at Scandia Golf & Games

Kelowna is home to Scandia Golf & Games, an entertainment centre perfect for rainy days, cold days and even sunny days!  Here’s what you can get up to when visiting:

  • Discover the Beautiful Outdoor Mini Golf Course

    Not only this outdoor mini golf course one of the largest in Canada, but it’s also a stunning garden! It is home to colourful flowers, ponds, fountains and bridges over a natural creek.

  • Explore the Indoor Jungle Golf Course

    If the weather conditions don’t allow for playing outside, you can head inside for the exciting Jungle Golf Course! With the carefully crafted backdrops and décor, you will think you’re in Jurassic Park in no time.

  • Race Go-Karts on the Scandia Raceway

    For a faster pace, why not try your hand at Go-karting? There are single and double karts available, meaning that as long as you are over 40 inches or taller, you can experience the exhilaration of racing! For single karts, riders must be over 54 inches.  During go-kart season, the track is fully lit so you can race until 10pm!

  • Practice your softball and baseball skills

    There are 9 batting cages with both softball and baseball, from 25MPH to 70MPH. Brush up on your skills as an individual or a group!

  • Play a range of games at the Arcade

    This is the largest arcade in the Okanagan Valley AND it still operates on tokens. There are around 140 games to play, enough to occupy the whole family for days.

  • Treat yourself to a Monkey Time Pizza

    Peckish? Choose a made-on-request pizza from Monkey Time Pizza: offering everything from Hawaiian to veggie! Not a fan of pizza?  Theres hot dogs, nachos, fries, chocolate, popcorn and more…one thing’s for sure – you won’t be hungry for long.

Go kart

If you are planning a trip to Kelowna then why not stay with us here at La Casa! More details about all our cottages can be found here.


Written by Hannah Poaros

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