Family Games: Hangman


Family Games: Hangman

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A great pen-and-paper game that will keep your kids busy is a Hangman. This game is a perfect option for a road trips or flights, and despite the simplicity of the game it can be hours of fun!

One player should think of a word/phrase and write blanks for each letter, next to the word should be drawn gallows with a rope. Another player guesses letters until he/she can recognize the word or phrase. However, for each wrong guess, a part of the body is added to the gallows’ rope (in total 6 body parts: 2 arms, 2 legs, head, and torso). The blanks should be filled before all 6 parts of the body will appear on the gallows or you lose!

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We hope that these games will help you enjoy your family vacation and will keep kids busy during your road trip or flight!

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