How to Make an Activity Binder for Kids


How to Make an Activity Binder for Kids

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If you are travelling with kids, it is always a great idea to bring entertainment. These days, we often turn to tablets and smartphones when we want to play games. Even the most technologically inclined child can benefit from old fashioned games and activities. You might be surprised to find that they really enjoy eye-spy or tic tac toe.

A great way to encourage interactive play is to prepare activity binder for your kids before you leave for your trip. All you need is a printer and some basic office supplies.

1. Buy and Decorate Binders

Start by buying one binder for each child, they don’t need to be fancy. It is a great idea to get the kind with a plastic sleeve so each child can create their own custom cover. Have them draw a picture or write their name on a piece of paper and slide it in the front. This way, you can easily tell which binder belongs to each child.

2. Download Some Free Printables

Download a selection of games and activities. There are many free sources online. Search Pinterest for “Free Printables for Kids”. You will find a treasure trove! Make sure you include a mix of solo activities and games that can be played with others. Here are some to get you started.

3. Print the Activity Pages

Once you’ve downloaded a good selection of activities, print them out on three-hole-punched paper. That way, you can easily slip them into a binder. Be sure to include some blank pages so kids can make up their own games, drawings and stories.

4. Include Some Storage Space

If you include a few empty plastic page protectors, your kids can collect leaves, flowers and other small keepsakes to bring home with them.

5. Pack a Loaded Pencil Case

Pack a pencil case full of pencil crayons, glitter pens, safety scissors, glue sticks and other kid-friendly creative tools. Stickers are also a nice addition to any activity kit.

BONUS: You can keep your kids’ favourite drawings, stories, poems and found objects to make a vacation scrapbook!




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