Kayaking in the Okanagan


Kayaking in the Okanagan

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Kayaking in the Okanagan


Lake Okanagan is a very large lake at 135kmlong and 4-5km wide.

Many people go Kayaking in Lake Okanagan along the shorelines to get breathtaking views and to relax. The waters start warming up come July, just in time for the beautiful weather to take the kayaks out. While out kayaking, there are a few things you do not want to forget, especially with the sun shining down on you all day.



You’ll need a life jacket. If you are a great swimmer that is awesome, but if something happens and it is out of your control you’re going to want a life jacket on. 

You’re going to get thirsty!  Don’t forget to bring yourself a few drinks. Most kayaks have a little drink holder to hold them, if not a small travel cooler is perfect and will fit in between your feet. 

You don’t want to burn, so don’t forget your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses! Most importantly you don’t want to forget your kayak and paddle. 


Many people go kayaking and don’t realize the exercise you get. While kayaking, you are working your core muscles. These muscles are seldom used as many of our everyday activities don’t use these muscles. From paddling your switching off from the right side to the left, your body is twisting in the meantime causing those muscles to work. You are also using your shoulders to paddle, and your top of your back muscles. After a full day of kayaking, your muscles will feel sore the next day.

Okanagan Lake is perfect for Watersports.

More details on kayak rentals can be found on our Amenities page.


Written by Megan Harder

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