Okanagan Ballooning

Okanagan Ballooning

Here is your chance to experience a hot balloon ride in the beautiful Okanagan. Once you get over your nerves, you will be amazed by the stunning views and the weightlessness feeling as you soar several feet above the ground.

Experience the adventure in any of the 4 seasons.

In winter enjoy the snow-capped mountains from above. In fall watch the beautiful valley as the leaves give it a shade of gold. Rise before the sun in summer or wonder Mother Nature with all its colours during spring.

Okanagan Ballooning offers flights from one hour to one hour and a half for up to 6 passengers, plus the pilot. Flights are mainly in the morning shortly after sunrise when the winds are the calmest.

They invite you to come to Kelowna and experience the excitement and adventure Hot Air Ballooning has to offer.

Kelowna BC

Tel (250) 712-0342

Fax (250) 448-6497

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