How to Organise a Family Reunion


How to Organise a Family Reunion

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How to Organise a Family Reunion

Many families have people that live all over the place, causing them not to see each other as often as others. With hopes of getting everyone together under one roof you could plan a family reunion! It may seem like a lot of work to organize this huge event, however with a little help it can be super easy!

Pick a location that fits your needs

Your most important part is figuring out where to hold your reunion. Do you want to just rent a hall and stay for the day or is this something you want to do over a couple of days?  Families that don’t see each other frequently often opt for a multi-day event, which makes La Casa the perfect place!  La Casa has a Guest House that sleeps 26 people as well as surrounding cottages for anyone extra.

Set a date well in advance

The next important part is finding dates that work for everyone. Large, popular venues tend to book up more than a year in advance, so consider this when you’re in the early planning stages of your reunion! If you’re not the type to plan that far ahead, why not look at any off-season dates for your venue?  If you’re flexible with your dates, then this is always a good option and more than likely means that the area will be less busy! Considering our Guest House?  Why not look at a winter vacation instead of a summer one?  Last minute dates tend to be available January through to April!

Consider activities in the area

Depending on the location you choose , you might want to book some activities/equipment rentals in advance. In the Okanagan, popular activities include: golfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, wine tours, snowboarding, skiing and mountain biking!  Want to learn more about what there is to do near La Casa Cottages?  See more on our website: Activities and Amenities.

Plan the final details

There are a couple more big things you will want to have worked out before everyone arrives.

  1. Plan out where everyone is sleeping, and if certain families are going to share a room together.
  2. How is the group travelling to the destination? Car rentals, flights, train?
  3. What is everyone going to eat? Will the family all bring food items with them, or will you all go grocery shopping together?  Do you think you would like to eat out?  Will one person do most of the cooking, or will each night be designated to a different family member?

    Family Outing

Last but not least, enjoy your family reunion. These events only happen once every year or less. Cherish the memories you make with family and enjoy a relaxing get together.


Written by Megan Harder

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