La Casa Golf Cart, Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals

La Casa Cottage Options and Golf Cart Rentals

Kayak and Paddleboard Rentals :

  • Single or double Sit on top ocean kayaks
  • Easy learning Orca Jimmy Styks Paddleboards
  • Available for pick up at 10am: May 1st – Sept 15th
  • Equipment return time is 9:30am

Kayak and Paddleboards are available for pick up at the Guest House in the middle of the resort.  Pick up time is set a 10am each morning and drop off at 9:30am the following morning.  The rentals will not be staffed outside of these times. Late returns will inhibit our ability to rent for the next day, so late returns will be responsible for the cost of additional rental days impacted.

Guests are responsible for transporting equipment down to the lake.  There are bungee cords and tie-ups available to anchor the equipment to your vehicle, allowing you to drive it down to the lake.  Due to liability, our staff are not able to help you load equipment on to your vehicle.


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*Kayaks and Paddle-boards are booked in advance and pick up at 10am. They are loaded up on your vehicle and are yours to use for your reserved time period. Book online with the links above, or call guest services at 250-542-0515 to reserve

Book Online or Call guest services at 250-542-0515 to reserve.