Road Trip Games


Road Trip Games

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If you are planning a road trip, it is a good idea to have some road trip games and activities planned to keep your passengers entertained. Here are some ideas!

Eye spy
Look around and pick an object you can see either in the car or along the road. Then give others a clue such as, “I spy with my little eye… something green.”, or “I spy with my little eye .. something brown and furry” Continue to give more clues until they can guess what it is.

In My Suitcase
This is an alphabet and memory game where you build on a sentence using the letters from A to Z. For example: I’m travelling to La Casa and in my suitcase I have an Alligator, I’m traveling to La Casa and in my suitcase I have an alligator and a broom, I’m travelling to La Casa and in my suitcase I have an alligator, a broom and a cat.This goes on till you get to Z. If you can’t remember an item then you are out of the game.

Blow Bubbles
Buy gum and see who can blow the best bubbles

Tell Jokes
Bring along a joke book and take turns reading

Sing Songs
Get a play list with some great songs and sing a long or you can just sing songs you know like Wheels on the bus or 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

License Plate Game
See how many different provinces and states you can see. Look for plates that spell out words.

Virtual Hide and Seek
Imagine you are hiding somewhere in your house. Others have to guess where you are hiding

Counting Cows
Count the cows you see on your side of the car. If you pass a field full of lots of cows, you’d better count fast! If you pass a cemetery on your side of the car, you lose all your cows, but only if the opposing team calls “your cows are buried!”. This game gets interesting when distraction tactics are used to either cause your opponent to miss cows on their side of the road or to miss a cemetery on your side of the road. A white horse can count as a bonus. The team with the most cows wins.

Make up our own point system:

Cow – 1 Point
Lama – 5 points
Deer – 10 points
Big horn sheep 20
Moose – 20
Bear – 50
Horses -5
Hawk/eagle -20
Cemetery on your side of the car = wipes out points. Start back at 0.

Last Letter Game
Name a city, river or country.The next person must name a city, river or country that starts with the last letter of the previous word.Keep it going until someone breaks the chain. Try to go quickly!

Punch Buggy No Return
Wvery time you see VW bug you say “punch buggy no return” and gently punch the person next to you.

Rest Area Games
Play frisbee, jump rope, kick a ball around!

Rock Paper Scissors
Have a rock paper scissors tournament.

Treasure bottle
Put rice in a jar with several small objects and have everyone guess as to what objects are in the bottle. You could make a couple of these.

Find 100 Things
Pick an object that will be yours to count. This first to get to 100 is the winner . Keep track by having a clip board with paper or clip boards if everyone would like one. Here are some ideas:

100 Red Cars
100 Stop Signs
100 Bicycles
100 Birds

20 questions
You have 20 questions to figure out if you are either a Person, Place or Thing. If you get the answer in 20 questions or less it is your turn. If not you get to go again.

Scavenger Hunt
Before you leave make a list of items that you hope to see along the way and have people mark them off:

Buildings – school, pink house, church
Animals – sheep, horses, lama, pony, foul, calf, cow, bear, deer
Types of cars – VW beetle, convertible with the roof down, horses in a horse trailer, cows in a cattle liner, car with a board on the roof, car with 5 bikes or more on the back, motorhome pulling a car, a wide load,
On the side of the road – someone on a bike, white dog, fruit stand

Hold your breath through the tunnel
Can you make all the way through the tunnel on one breath?

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