Scuba Dive in Okanagan Lake!

Scuba Dive Lake Okanagan

Scuba Dive in Okanagan Lake!

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Scuba Dive in Okanagan Lake!


When you think of visiting Kelowna, you think of Lake Okanagan.  And when you think of the lake, you think of boating, paddle boarding and kayaking.  Has it ever occurred to you that Okanagan Lake actually has some pretty good scuba dive sites?  There are shore and boat dives that are suitable for all – whether you’re a beginner, novice or advanced diver we are sure you can find a dive site perfect for you.  There are also various SCUBA instructors around Kelowna so why not get your certification here!

Dive Sites near La Casa

(please refer to Tourism Kelowna for more detailed information).

Plenty of shore and boat dives exist close to La Casa.  Here’s a hint of what you can find down in the deep waters of the lake…

  • Squally Point

– Explore a cavern and search for Ogopogo here. Ogopogo is a lake monster that is said to live in the waters of the Okanagan Valley.  Only for advanced divers, this site is sure to be full of interesting surprises.

  • Trader’s Cove Marine Park

– This is a steep wall dive, located near Bear Creek Park. Again, this would be for advanced divers only.

  • The Milk Truck/ Wilson’s Landing

– Hunt for an old milk truck in the waters South of Lake Okanagan Resort. For advanced divers only, this site is likely to be full of random objects.

  • The Store at Okanagan Centre

– This site is used for many open water certifications because it Is suitable for beginners. Located on a beach next to a general store, this site is easy to find.

  • The Barge at Fintry Park

– For beginners, this is a great site. It is interesting to dive at because there is a sunken Canadian Pacific Railway Barge that can be explored.

  • Caesar’s Landing

– A car wreck can be found at this great beginner dive site!

  • Lake Okanagan Resort

– There is lots of marine traffic here since it is right next to the Lake Okanagan Resort, so it is best not to dive here in the Summer.

Kelowna Dive Schools/Shops

Are you new to diving?  Looking to organise a Try Dive, PADI certification or refresher dive?  Don’t have your own equipment and want to rent?  Talk to any one of the Dive Schools and Shops below – they will be more than happy to help you out!

Where will you dive next?  Have you ever tried diving in Lake Okanagan?

Written by Hannah Poaros



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