Snowshoeing for First Timers in Kelowna

Snowshoeing Kelowna

Snowshoeing for First Timers in Kelowna

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Snowshoeing for First Timers in Kelowna

If you’re staying in Kelowna during the Winter, you will be no stranger to snow. Snowshoeing is a great way to keep active in the cold, especially if you’re not a skier or boarder, and there are plenty of trails for you to get stuck into!

Snowshoeing Kelowna
Here’s all you need to know:


  • Snowshoeing is hiking in the Snow
  • Snowshoes are special footwear that attach to your hiking boots, they spread the weight out over a larger area so that you don’t sink into the snow
  • In Kelowna, Snowshoes can be rented from Fresh Air Concept, Telemark Nordic Club or Big White Ski Resort



  • Generally throughout the winter/ski season, from mid-December to April (please check the various websites for snow conditions before you set out)
  • Start early in the day to allow time to get back to your starting point as trails do vary in size, difficulty and length

Things to know:

  • Showshoe trails cross ski trails; it is important not to step on these
  • Lift your snowshoes over the track if you see a Ski Trail, but do not walk on Ski trails
  • Snowshoe trails are usually marked with orange tape or red/yellow signs (to stand out from ski trails which are usually blue, green or black)

We hope you enjoy this quick introduction to Snowshoeing and that it has encouraged you to venture outdoors in the frosty temperatures! Be sure to check out the relevant websites for rental prices, trail lengths and directions to starting points. For the snowshoeing veterans out there, what’s your favourite trail?


Written by Hannah Poaros 

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