Spotlight on Fintry Provincial Park

Fintry Provincial Park

Spotlight on Fintry Provincial Park

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Spotlight on Fintry Provincial Park


Fintry is a beautiful provincial park right on La Casa Cottage Resort’s doorstep! Only a five-minute drive to the main trails, this park is the perfect way to stretch your legs (between BBQs on the deck and swims in the lake of course!)

There are two walks easily accessible at Fintry park – each quite different from one another. The first walk takes you on a flat path around the historical elements of the park.  See old buildings, farm sheds and packing houses!  The second route is a little more challenging as it involves climbing around 400 stairs.  However, if you do make it to the top you will get to see astounding views of the waterfalls!

Self-guided tours can be downloaded from the BC Parks website, but here are our highlights from both routes:

  • The Manor House:

    Fintry Manor House is a stunning home originally built around 1910. Check out the white stone walls and large verandah! There are also gardens that surround the house, equipped with nostalgic features such as an old sundial and a traditional labyrinth.

    Fintry Estate Manor House

  • The Octagonal Dairy Barn:

    The name says it all! This barn has 8 sides and is the only one of its kind in British Columbia. Due to it’s interesting shape and layout, this site is ideal for taking a couple of selfies!

    Fintry Provincial Park Octagonal barn

  • The Waterfalls:

    Who doesn’t love a good waterfall? With a viewing spot every third of the way up, you can take your time and enjoy the views as you meander up this taxing set of stairs!

    Fintry Provincial Park Waterfall

So, what do you think?  Will you be exploring Fintry Provincial Park soon?  Let us know your favourite sights, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with #lacasacottageresort – we love to hear what our guests are up to!



Written by Hannah Poaros

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