BC Day


10 Fun Facts about British Columbia


To celebrate BC Day, we’ve rounded up the best facts we know about our lovely state.  There is a lot to celebrate about Beautiful British Columbia.  Many people say that Canada is the best place to live in the world, and BC is one of the provinces on the top of the list. Although we are called the “rainy province” there is still so many things to do and see whether its raining or beautiful out.


  • Home to Canada’s Longest Running Movie Theatre –

    British Columbia is home to the oldest movie theatre that is still open for business. This is Pwel River’s Patricia Theatre, operating since 1913.

  • The World’s Largest Hockey Stick –

    The world’s largest hockey stick can be found in Duncan, BC and measures 205 feet long and 61,000 pounds. This hockey symbol was created for the expo of 86 and acquired by the city of Duncan soon after.

  • Canada’s Only Grizzly Bear Sanctuary –

    Khutzeymateen Provincial Park is Canada’s only Grizzly Bear sanctuary, home to more than 50 grizzlies across its 44,300 hectare grounds.

  • Vancouver’s a hub for TV & Film

    Vancouver is the fourth largest Film and  TV production in North America. If you have ever questioned if that was a famous Vancouver landmark you saw in a movie or in your favourite show, most likely it was!

  • Bathtub Racing – Who knew? –

    Nanaimo is the Bathtub Racing capitol of the world.  Didn’t know that was a thing?  Nor did we! It sure looks fun though.

  • The Population

    Half the population of British Columbia lives in the Metro Vancouver area…and it’s not hard to understand why!  The city has a thriving food scene, mountain views and is surrounded by sparkling waters.

  • There’s something special in Osoyoos

    Osoyoos Lake is the warmest fresh water lake in Canada.  We don’t need to convince you that this is a huge win for BC.

  • Did someone say Botox? –

    The cosmetic treatment known as Botox was pioneered in Vancouver in the late 1980s.

  • BC was the 6th Province to be added to Canada –

    British Columbia joined the confederation on July 20 1871.  The Canadian government promised to absorb BC’s debt and build a railway from Montreal to the Pacific Coast – sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?

  • Four times the size of Great Britain –

    British Columbia is the third largest and most westerly province in Canada and it is four times the size of Great Britain. The length of BC’s coastline is over 27,000 kilometres.

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Written by Megan Harder