Nothing beats fresh sandwiches on a hot summer day!

Located 1 hour and 20 minutes from La Casa cottage resort in Penticton is Il Vecchio Delicatessen. This shop makes some of the best sandwiches I personally have ever had – a  locals favourite! Il Vecchio Delicatessen knows how to make the best sandwich around! They are family owned and operated since July 15 1995! Open Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm (excluding holidays) and Saturdays 9am-4pm

Valentina Carloni has ran and owned Il Vecchio Delicatessen for 25 years, handing the daily task of making the best sandwiches to her son and granddaughter read more about their story here!

Over 29 different types of cheeses and 25 different meats to choose from! This will be a sandwich you will be dreaming of for the foreseeable future!

Once you grab your sandwich head down to the local beach to enjoy the sunshine and local views. Penticton has many beaches to choose from some of which are, Skaha Lake Park, Sudbury Beach, Okanagan Beach, and Marina Way Beach! Looking for a place for the kids to jump around and play? Be sure to stop by Lakawanna Water Park!

5 top places to visit in Penticton:
  1. Skaha Lake Park – One of Canada’s Top Beaches – offering a large sandy beach, public washrooms, near by food, and kids water park!
  2. Restaurants – A number amazing restaurants to try in Penticton if you are looking to enjoy the beach and food together we recommend heading to the Okanagan Beach where right across from the beach their are many restaurants to choose from all within walking distance.
  3. LocoLanding Adventure Park – Amusement park in Penticton where the entire family can have fun! With a go-kart track, an 18-hole mini-golf course and many more activities to choose from!
  4. Local Wineries – There is no shortage of wine in Penticton be sure to check out some local wineries, looking for a day of tasting wine – wine tours are offered!
  5. Penticton Farmers Market – Saturday 8:30am-1pm come down to see all the local produce, talent and more!
dog-friendly vacations

Dog-friendly Parks & Beaches for Your Vacation

Bringing your furry friend on vacation? Want to make sure they have a paws-itively perfect time? Here are some dog-friendly parks and beaches that will have your bestie feeling right at home. (Please remember to check park websites for up-to-date information and notice of park/road closures during the cooler months).

Kelowna (more info here)

Knox Mountain Park – the city’s largest Natural Area Park has both on-leash and off-leash areas.

City Park – the park has a range of facilities including trails, beach access, tennis courts and a play area. Dogs are required to be on-leash.

Waterfront Park – you can walk all the way from this park to City Park on the boardwalk. Dogs are required to be on-leash.

Myra Bellevue Provincial Park – a beautiful provincial park with a number of trails, the Kettle Valley railway and Myra Canyon. Dogs must be on-leash throughout the park and backcountry areas are not suitable for any pets due to wildfire issues and potential conflicts with bears.

Poplar Point Drive #1 Beach Access – lovely beach access where dogs are required to be on-leash.

Vernon (more info here)

Silver Star Foothills Trail this is part of the Grey Canal trails and is very popular with dog-walkers. Expect stunning panoramic views and dogs on-leash.

Kalamalka Lake – the dog beach lies between Cosen Bay and Juniper Bay. Since the beach is stony, you will need appropriate footwear if you’d like to splash around with your pet.

Ellison Provincial Park – Sandy Beach is dog-friendly. Access the beach by taking the trail leading out of the campground, near sites 11 and 12.

Middleton Mountain Trails – dogs are required to be on-leash.  These trails offer stunning views of the local area and are home to a variety of birds.

dog-friendly beach
Ready to plan your vacation? We have a limited number of cottages that are pet-friendly, so please make sure you request one when you are making your reservation and we will try our best to accommodate your request! Call our friendly La Casa team at 1-888-226-5566 or email for more information. We hope to see you soon.

p.s. Sections of the beach at La Casa are also pet-friendly! 

Sun and sunscreen

The best way to soak up the Sun


Summer is coming! Do you like play in the sun? We’re here to give you 3 tips to getting healthy and glowing skin without the damage that comes from too much sun.

  1. Apply sun protection before sunbathing

Many people think that you cannot get a tan while wearing sun protection, but that is not true. You should always apply sun protection because sun damages your skin, leading to aging, wrinkles, sun spots, and more serious consequences such as cancer. There are two types of ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB. A is for ageing (the UV rays that permanently damage your skin cells) and B is for burning (the radiation that causes sunburn and sun damage). SPF (sun protection factor) works to protect against both. The sun is at its strongest between the hours of 10am and 4pm, so be cautious of sunbathing for too long within this period.

  1. Moisturize

While sunbathing, your skin gets dry. Using moisturizing cream will help protect your skin from drying out. Most outdoor tanning lotions are designed to replenish the moisture. Make sure you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated as well!

  1. Calm your skin

After sunbathing, you will also have to moisturize your skin to make the bronze even. You can also use a cooling cream or have a cool shower to get rid of burning and calm your skin.

Outdoor tanning lotion

To shorten the time taken to get a healthy tan while also protecting your skin from excessive sun damage, try an outdoor tanning lotion. Outdoor tanning lotions are available for all skin types and come specially labeled for oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin types. Different formulas of outdoor tanning lotions are available depending on the tone you would like your skin to have – medium, dark, olive, and so on.

Most outdoor tanning lotions can be categorized into following types.

  • Accelerators

This is to speed up the skin tanning process; stimulate skin cells to produce melanin.

  • Maximizers

This is for those people who already have a base tan but want to take that tan deeper.

  • Bronzers

This combines with either accelerators or maximizers. It helps you the color you want while your skin darkens underneath it.

  • Anti-Aging

This benefit contains vitamins designed to fight signs of aging, especially those that result from sun damage. It can be combined with accelerators, maximizers, or bronzers.

  • Tattoo Protection

UV rays can fade and damage tattoos, and protecting them will allow them to remain vibrant for longer.


Thus, you have a variety of options to get your best tan. Find your perfect one and head to the beach! There are more than 30 beaches along Lake Okanagan’s shores, and the water can reach 23°C by July. If you are interested in visiting the Okanagan, check out our great selection of lakeside cottages


Written by Natsumi Matsumoto