Easter Eggs

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter


Easter is ideal for taking time out to spend with the family.  Stock up on those chocolate treats, plan an Easter egg hunt and invite the family round for a decadent feast.  Whatever you’re planning on doing this weekend, be sure to have some fun! 

Here are five ways you can be creative this Easter:

  • Hard-boil some eggs, dye them red and try to crack them. This is a Greek Easter tradition that is fun to create and then fun to play.

  • Get arty in the kitchen by making Easter Egg cake pops or macaroons in the shape of bunnies.

  • Make your own Easter Egg treasure hunt for the kids – use different coloured clues for each child so that they follow a different trail, and all get a prize in the end.

  • Find the pens, pencils and glue sticks and put together some funky designs. You can make chicks out of pom-poms, bunnies out of egg cartons or design some colourful Easter cards for the rest of the family.

  • Don’t forget to make some Easter egg baskets. Handmade ones are the best so spend the morning crafting these out of paper plates or weaving them out of recycled paper.

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Written by Hannah Poaros