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Snow activities

Don’t have a ski hill in your backyard? No problem! There are plenty of things to do when your yard gets a fresh layer of snow. Your neighborhood is probably rich with parks and nature areas, too, which can work if you don’t have your own yard. Coming up with some fun snow activities can keep the wintertime blues at bay.

  1. Build a Snowman

If you have enough snow on the ground, this is an obvious go-to winter activity. Instead of a regular old snowman, add ears or a tail or a beak and build a snow animal of your choice. See what odds and ends you can collect up off the ground—sticks and twigs, small rocks, pinecones and pine needles, whatever is around!

  1. Build an Igloo

This activity is perfect for families with small children, as yard-build igloos will be a perfect wintertime fort for them. There are also plenty of jobs to do, so everyone can participate: gather snow, shape bricks, stack bricks, and pack together the snow. Make the first “brick” slanted on one side in order to get a proper dome shape as you pile them up.

  1. Make Snow Angels

Everyone in the family can make an angel from eldest to youngest lined up in the snow. You can use twigs and rocks to draw on faces and even make crowns or halos using pine needles. Don’t forget to take pictures once you’re done!

  1. Go Sledding

Find a safe hill nearby and bring along a plastic sled or sled alternative (some people even just use plastic garbage bags, etc.). You’ll get some exercise carrying the sleds back up the hill each time, too. This is a great way to generate some body-warmth on chilly days.

  1. Paint with (non-toxic) Food Coloring

Add food coloring to cold water in spray bottles jars and use them to decorate the snow in the yard. Snow activities don’t get any easier than this (best done when there is freshly fallen powder). You can build models of flowers or animals and then use the “paint” to color them in.

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Halloween Kelowna Events

Halloween Events in Kelowna

We’re half way through October which means its nearly time for Halloween and there’s no better place to celebrate than in Kelowna!  This Okanagan city goes all out when it comes to this ghoulish festival, so make sure you join the party.  From burlesque shows to haunted trains, these are events suitable for all ages – so start planning your best costume now!

Halloween Nightwing

  • This is one for any nature lovers out there and it’s sure to get the kids excited too.  Head on down to the Okanagan Heritage Museum on Octoer 19 between 10am and 1pm to learn about and maybe meet some flying night creatures!
  • Friday October 19th, 10am-1pm, Okanagan Heritage Museum

Embodiment IV: Halloween Edition

  • If you enjoy drag, burlesque and belly dancing, you should definitely get tickets for this show.  Embodiment IV: Halloween Edition will be full of sizzling entertainment that will leave you wanting more!  Oh, and make sure you come in a scary costume! Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.  This is the ideal way to kick off your halloween festivities.
  • Friday October 26th, 7.30pm, Rotary Centre for the Arts 

Kettle Valley Terror Train

  • Remember ghost trains?  Well, here’s an upgraded version! The Kettle Valley Steam Railway are putting on a Halloween Terror Train during the weekend of October 26th. Jump into one of the train’s vintage coaches and journey through the only preserved section of this railway line…just beware of the ghosts!  Family friendly rides are at 5.30pm, whilst scarier rides depart at 7.30pm.
  • Friday October 26th & Saturday October 27th, 5.30pm & 7.30pm, Kettle Valley Steam Railway

Oktoberfest Comes to Kelowna

  • No ghouls here, but who doesn’t love a good Oktoberfest celebration and especially one that raises money for a great cause?  Make sure you’ve got the perfect Bavarian outfit and are ready to stock up on pretzels, beer and bratwurst at this lively event.  All proceeds go towards Brain Injury Prevention!
  • Friday October 26th, 7pm, The Laurel Packinghouse

Spooktacular Halloween

  • Looking for your wine fix this Halloween? Well look no further! Head to The View Winery for their fantastic tasting event that features their wines and ciders, as well as special Halloween treats.  Perfect for those of you who have a sweet tooth. Tasting fee is $4 and costumes are encouraged.
  • Saturday October 27th & Sunday October 28th, 12pm-5pm, The View Winery & Vineyard

The Music of Harry Potter – An OSO Family Spectacular

  • Not strictly a Halloween themed event, but the Harry Potter soundtrack has an ethereal quality that can’t be rivaled! There’s no better way to hear this magical music than by listening to it played by the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra – you’ll be dreaming of witches and wizards all night long.
  • Sunday October 28th, 2pm, The Kelowna Community Theatre

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Written by Hannah Poaros



Pumpkins October

Pumpkin Patches to visit this October

Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn’t mean you have to stop with the fall festivities! Get ready for Halloween by visiting a local pumpkin patch!  Find your perfect pumpkin for carving and make your weekend fun from start to finish.

Pumpkin Patch
Davidson Orchards Country Village – Pumpkin Festival

  • Held every weekend in October, Davidson Orchards Country Village’s Pumpkin Festival is not to be missed. Not only can you pick your own pumpkin, but the youngsters will enjoy family farm tours on the Johnny Popper Orchard Train!  You can also enjoy apple treats fresh from this season’s harvest – don’t forget to try the Apple Cider Donuts!  Pumpkins and rides are a flat rate of $9, no matter the size of the pumpkin.
  • Located on 3111 Davidson Rd, Vernon – just a 48 minute drive from La Casa Cottages.

McMillan Pumpkin Patch

  • Open throughout October (weather dependent), McMillan Pumpkin Patch is another must visit. There are hayrides, slingshot and a corn maze on offer!  Admission is free, but the activities are paid for.  What’s also great about this pumpkin patch is that pumpkins are priced depending on size – everything from $1 to $25! Open from 10am till 6pm Thurs to Sat, and 10am to 5pm Sun to Wed.  Which pumpkin will you choose?
  • Located on 3690 Berard Rd, Kelowna – just a 40 minute drive from La Casa Cottages.

Armstrong Pumpkin Patch

  • Armstrong Pumpkin Patch is open from dawn to dusk (as stated on their website) EVERY day in October! This small, simple pumpkin patch is bound to fill the whole family with joy.  There are lots of pumpkins for you to pick yourself, as you would expect, but they also have other fall favourites on sale such as decorative corn, squash and gourds.  Deck out your house in orange and yellow with this beautiful selection of harvest goods!
  • Located on 642 St Annes Rd, Armstrong – just a 35 minute drive from La Casa Cottages.


Pumpkin Patch

For information on Cottage Rentals at La Casa, please please contact our reservations line on 1-888-226-5566 or email where we will be more than happy to assist you!  It’s not too late to book your fall vacation!

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Puzzle Indoor Activities

10 Indoor Activities to Keep Boredom Away

Is the cold weather outside giving you and your family itchy feet?  Are the kids started to get tired of staying indoors?  Running out of new ideas for fun activities that don’t involve leaving the cottage?  Well, we’ve got a few suggestions for you!  Here are 10 Indoor Activities to Keep Boredom Away this winter.

  1. Homemade Pictionary

    All you need is paper, pens and ideas! Anyone can draw and anyone can guess! To make this easier for the children, pick a suitable theme like Harry Potter or Disney Princesses, and use that to create your ‘Draw’ Cards.

  2. Classic Charades

    Charades is a family favourite and you don’t need anything to play this game. Just make sure you clarify the rules and the actions before you start playing – to avoid any arguments!

  3. Make your Own Puzzle

    This is a great, creative activity that will keep everyone occupied for an afternoon. First, get a piece of old cardboard or thick paper.  Second, draw a picture of whatever you like and colour everything in.  Third, draw the jigsaw pieces over the top of the drawing.  Fourth, cut out all pieces.  Lastly – mix up the pieces and try putting it all back together!

  4. Yahtzee

    One of our favourite games, Yahtzee is easy for the whole family to understand. It also takes a while… See who can roll the most Yahtzees!

  5. Bake some Gingerbread

    Baking is perfect for a cosy afternoon at home. Get the kids involved with the preparation and the decorating.  Don’t forget, you can be really creative with Gingerbread – try making a Gingerbread castle instead of a house for example!

  6. Draw each other’s Caricatures 

    Drawing Caricatures is simple, fun and entertaining! Work out each other’s best or worst features and put a pencil to paper. This activity is sure to bring you some laughs.

  7. Play a game of Spoons

    – This frantic card game featuring regular kitchen spoons will raise the energy levels in the house and get everyone excited. Essentially the goal is to get 4 of a kind and then grab a spoon from the middle.  To not lose, you MUST grab a spoon.  Every round, the number of spoons decreases by one until there is only one person left in the game. Please see the full rules of this game here.

  8. Dress-up Movie Night 

    Pick your movie early in the day, then see who can forage the house for the best costume. If you can’t find any costumes that are relevant to the movie, why not make your own out of cardboard boxes and paint?  Then once your costumes are ready, sit back and relax with some popcorn.

  9. Face-painting 

    There’s nothing that inspires a child’s imagination than when they get to have a disguise for the day. The best disguises are those that cover up natural features, which is why face paint is such a good idea!  Help the whole family transform into princesses, mermaids, dragons, lions…and more.

  10. Lego competition 

    Get those lego pieces out and see who can conjure up the best creation. The wackier, the better!

There we go – we hope this has given you some ideas on how to shake up your indoor activities this winter.  For more suggestions, please see our related blog posts that feature family-friendly games for all-ages.  Make sure you let us know what you get up to!

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Written by Hannah Poaros


Looking for endless family fun and games to make your BC vacation even more memorable? The Penticton Peach Fest is celebrating 70 years of free family fun! Come to downtown Penticton August 9th-13th for 5 days of free rides, entertainment, great food and even better weather!

The Penticton Peach Festival’s 70th annual line up includes but is not limited to:

54-40, The Trooper, Aaron Pritchett and a whole night of Tribute Music with cover bands from ABBA to Fleetwood Mac.

Don’t miss the Peach Parade, festival rides, vendors, even kid friendly entertainment!

For more details check out: Penticton Peach Festival