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Get your hiking boots out for these Okanagan Trails


The hiking trails are starting to open up again due to sunny skies and warmer temperatures.  What better time to get outside than right now?  There are many interesting trails for all abilities in and around Kelowna – so there is sure to be a hike that gets you excited!  By staying in one of our cottages here at La Casa, you will be right on the doorstep to some awesome trails.

  • Carrot Mountain Bluffs

    Distance from La Casa: Approximately 45 minutes to start of the trail; address is 2334 Shannon Heights Place
    Length of hike: 4km
    What you can see: Small waterfalls and panoramic views of West Kelowna & Okanagan Lake

  • Mount Boucheries: Eain Lamont Loop

    Distance from La Casa: Approximately 35 minutes to Eain Lamont Park – start of the trail is a turn-off of Lakeview Cove Road
    Length of hike: 6 km
    What you can see: Brilliant views of the Central Okanagan Valley

  • Christie Falls

    Distance from La Casa: Between 1hr – 1hr 30 depending on the route; reach Christie Falls Trailhead by taking Terrace Mountain Rd
    Length of hike: 2.2 km
    What you can see: Great views of the waterfall, Christie Falls – from above and below

  • Kalamoir Park

    Distance from La Casa: Around 40 minutes to Kalamoir Park; access via Collens Hill Road
    Length of hike: 4.5 km
    What you can see: Wildflowers, Okanagan Lake and a Black Cottonwood Forest

  • Rose Valley Regional Park

    Distance from La Casa: About 30 minutes to the entrance of the park at Westlake Road
    Length of hike: 6 km
    What you can see: Volcanic cliffs, beautiful views and lots of wildlife

  • Bear Creek Provincial Park

    Distance from La Casa: Only 20 minutes from La Casa, near the beginning of Westside Road
    Length of hike: Canyon Rim Trail 2.5 km; Loop Trail is 15 mins
    What you can see: Views of the creek and surrounding area

  • Fintry Provinicial Park – Fintry Falls

    Distance from La Casa: Entrance to Fintry Provincial Park is less than a 10 minute drive from La Casa
    Length of hike: 1 km – up a wooden staircase
    What you can see: Lovely views of the waterfall, Okanagan Lake and the canyon

Hiking Boots
Which one will you try next?!  Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Hannah Poaros