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power outage candles

How to Stay Entertained When the Power Goes out

It is always good to be prepared for a power outage. A power outage emergency kit should include some of the following: flashlight, electrical lanterns, batteries, candles, lighters, and matches. (If you are staying at a La Casa cottage at the time of a power outage, then emergency kits are provided).

  • Read a book

Get cozy with a blanket and your favourite book. You can read a book with light from a candle or flashlight and this will create a different atmosphere for you to enjoy!

  • Write something

When the power goes out, it is a good chance to do some writing, especially since we tend to write less these days. Drawing is another great option.

  • Chill with your family & friends

Make sure that everyone is safe in the house, gather together and chill with them. If you are alone in the house, then you can relieve your anxiety by phoning one of your friends – and using this as an excuse to have a long overdue catch-up!

  • Do a Blind Wine Tasting

If you have a couple of wine bottles lying around (not drunk already of course), you could do a blind wine tasting! See who can guess which wine is which!

  • Indoor Camp

Set up a tent, or build a pillow fort using blankets, pillows, tables, and chairs. Play some card games or board games inside your tent or fort, and end the evening by telling ghost stories.

  • Stargaze

If weather permits, take a blanket out into the backyard and watch the beautiful sky. You’ll have limited light pollution meaning you can see the stars clearly!

  • Drive/Go out

If it is safe to do so, get out of the house and go shopping, watch a movie or walk to a park. You could also go on a road trip and spend the day exploring – hopefully by the time you come home, the power will already be back on!


These are fun activities you can do during a power outage. The most important thing is to think about your safety.  Have other ideas for entertaining the family when the power goes out?  Let us know by commenting below!

reading by flashlight

Sometimes (not often) power outages occur at La Casa.  If you have any concerns or questions about this, please contact our reservations and guest services team by calling 1 888 226 5566 or emailing 


Written by Natsumi Matsumoto

Puzzle Indoor Activities

10 Indoor Activities to Keep Boredom Away

Is the cold weather outside giving you and your family itchy feet?  Are the kids started to get tired of staying indoors?  Running out of new ideas for fun activities that don’t involve leaving the cottage?  Well, we’ve got a few suggestions for you!  Here are 10 Indoor Activities to Keep Boredom Away this winter.

  1. Homemade Pictionary

    All you need is paper, pens and ideas! Anyone can draw and anyone can guess! To make this easier for the children, pick a suitable theme like Harry Potter or Disney Princesses, and use that to create your ‘Draw’ Cards.

  2. Classic Charades

    Charades is a family favourite and you don’t need anything to play this game. Just make sure you clarify the rules and the actions before you start playing – to avoid any arguments!

  3. Make your Own Puzzle

    This is a great, creative activity that will keep everyone occupied for an afternoon. First, get a piece of old cardboard or thick paper.  Second, draw a picture of whatever you like and colour everything in.  Third, draw the jigsaw pieces over the top of the drawing.  Fourth, cut out all pieces.  Lastly – mix up the pieces and try putting it all back together!

  4. Yahtzee

    One of our favourite games, Yahtzee is easy for the whole family to understand. It also takes a while… See who can roll the most Yahtzees!

  5. Bake some Gingerbread

    Baking is perfect for a cosy afternoon at home. Get the kids involved with the preparation and the decorating.  Don’t forget, you can be really creative with Gingerbread – try making a Gingerbread castle instead of a house for example!

  6. Draw each other’s Caricatures 

    Drawing Caricatures is simple, fun and entertaining! Work out each other’s best or worst features and put a pencil to paper. This activity is sure to bring you some laughs.

  7. Play a game of Spoons

    – This frantic card game featuring regular kitchen spoons will raise the energy levels in the house and get everyone excited. Essentially the goal is to get 4 of a kind and then grab a spoon from the middle.  To not lose, you MUST grab a spoon.  Every round, the number of spoons decreases by one until there is only one person left in the game. Please see the full rules of this game here.

  8. Dress-up Movie Night 

    Pick your movie early in the day, then see who can forage the house for the best costume. If you can’t find any costumes that are relevant to the movie, why not make your own out of cardboard boxes and paint?  Then once your costumes are ready, sit back and relax with some popcorn.

  9. Face-painting 

    There’s nothing that inspires a child’s imagination than when they get to have a disguise for the day. The best disguises are those that cover up natural features, which is why face paint is such a good idea!  Help the whole family transform into princesses, mermaids, dragons, lions…and more.

  10. Lego competition 

    Get those lego pieces out and see who can conjure up the best creation. The wackier, the better!

There we go – we hope this has given you some ideas on how to shake up your indoor activities this winter.  For more suggestions, please see our related blog posts that feature family-friendly games for all-ages.  Make sure you let us know what you get up to!

If this long winter has you wishing for hot weather, sunny skies and lake views, why not enquire about booking your summer vacation today?  At La Casa Cottages we have a range of accommodations available that sleep between 4-8 people and offer marvelous views of Lake Okanagan. 
Please call our reservations line on +1-888-226-5566 or send an email to with your dates and group size – we will help you organize the perfect vacation in West Kelowna!


Written by Hannah Poaros

Rainy Day West Kelowna

Rainy day activities in West Kelowna

So you’re planning your vacation at La Casa Cottage Resort and it occurs to you -what is there to do if it rains?  The Okanagan is known for its sunny skies and scorching temperatures, so it is not surprising that most activities are outdoors.  Well do not worry! There are plenty of other activities around West Kelowna that will still get you out and about for a few hours – beats being stuck in the cottage all day (especially if the kids are nagging to go outside!).  Here are our favourites:

Catch a movie at West Kelowna, Landmark 8 Xtreme Cinemas

Everyone loves hitting up their local picture house, so why not take the family out to West Kelowna’s Landmark 8 Xtreme Cinema? This move theatre has Xtreme wrap-around screens and wide rocker seats, as well as RealD 3D (the newest digital 3D technology). Offering several promotions, including special prices during certain days of the week, this cinema is perfect for catching the latest releases.

Get some indoor exercise at Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre

Practice your lengths in the Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquaric Centre in their 25-metre swimming pool.  This centre also features a warm soaking pool, hot tub and steam room.  If you’re so inclined, hit the fitness centre to get those endorphins flowing!

Rejuvenate at Spa at the Cove

Are you looking for some pampering?  Head to Spa at the Cove for a whole range of treatments including facials, hydrotherapy, massages, waxing and manicures.  You could spend a whole afternoon relaxing here; leave the Okanagan feeling glamorous!

Get arty at the New Moon Gallery

New Moon Gallery is a beautiful gem of a gallery that acts as a working studio as well as a gallery full of original art work!  Art classes are offered year round so this is definitely to check out if you’re looking to try something new.  Artist in residence and owner Linda Loves is sure to teach you new techniques or offer an enlightening perspective on her series of artworks.

Learn something new at Westbank Museum or Sncewips Heritage Museum

These two local museums are sure to catch you up on your history of the region. Explore old artefacts  from the local area. Check out Sncewips Heritage Museum to gain an in-depth understanding of the Westbank First Nation’s culture, history and artworks.

Hit the Wineries for wine tasting & shopping 

Wine tastings are not just for sunny days!  Head down to your favourite winery and while away the hours sipping on their new vintage flavours. If you’d rather pick up some wine to take home, then many of the vineyards have small stores that can help you out with this also!

We guarantee that if you follow this list, your rainy days in West Kelowna will never be boring! So what’s your favourite thing to do when it’s wet and cold outside? We would love to hear how our guests spend their time!

For when the weather conditions are happier, check out our 5 things to do in the Okanagan blog post.


Written by Hannah Poaros