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Across the Lake Swim Kelowna 2019

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Are you a keen swimmer?  Fancy putting your stamina to the test?  There is still time to sign up for Canada’s largest and longest running open water swim – the Interior Savings Across the Lake Swim in Kelowna! This swimming event has been operating since 1949 and is a favourite with locals and non-locals alike, whether you’re a fitness junkie or enthusiastic spectator.

How long is the swim?

The route is a 2.1km swim course straight across Okanagan Lake.  Usually the time limit is around 2hrs, but don’t worry – if you’re struggling to finish or taking too long, then you’re likely to get picked up and will receive a free ride to the finish line.  (P.s It’s the experience that counts, so there’s no shame in not finishing!)

When does the swim take place?

July 20th 2019 at 8:00am – put the date in your diary! 

Where does it start and finish?

The starting line is by the Old Ferry Docks in West Kelowna. The course finishes at Hot Sands Beach, City Park.  The easiest way to get to the start line is to meet at City Park since there will be event buses there ready to drive you to Old Ferry Docks, and also a place to leave all your unnecessary belongings!  The last bus will leave at 7:10am, so if you’re not going to get to City Park in time then you’ll have to heard straight to West Kelowna.

How can I register and what does it cost?

You will need to register online here – it costs between $70 – $95 to participate as an individual.  Your entry fee includes a beach towel, swim cap, numbered event cap, gear bag with goodies, food, insurance, the bus ride, and the chance to take a cheeky snap in the photo booth after your swim! 

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So why not kick off your summer with this fantastic experience of swimming across the lake? Bring the whole family along to support you and spend the day soaking up all the sun.  For more information, please see the Interior Savings Across the Lake Swim website.


Looking for a place to relax after your swim?  Try out one of our cottages, complete with decks, bbqs and access to hot tubs and swimming pools, they make the perfect place to relax after your day of swimming and the ideal way to celebrate your achievement with your loved ones!  Email our reservation team at rentals@lacasacottageresort.com or phone 1-888-226-5566 today.


Written by Hannah Poaros


Kayaking in the Okanagan


Lake Okanagan is a very large lake at 135kmlong and 4-5km wide.

Many people go Kayaking in Lake Okanagan along the shorelines to get breathtaking views and to relax. The waters start warming up come July, just in time for the beautiful weather to take the kayaks out. While out kayaking, there are a few things you do not want to forget, especially with the sun shining down on you all day.



You’ll need a life jacket. If you are a great swimmer that is awesome, but if something happens and it is out of your control you’re going to want a life jacket on. 

You’re going to get thirsty!  Don’t forget to bring yourself a few drinks. Most kayaks have a little drink holder to hold them, if not a small travel cooler is perfect and will fit in between your feet. 

You don’t want to burn, so don’t forget your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses! Most importantly you don’t want to forget your kayak and paddle. 


Many people go kayaking and don’t realize the exercise you get. While kayaking, you are working your core muscles. These muscles are seldom used as many of our everyday activities don’t use these muscles. From paddling your switching off from the right side to the left, your body is twisting in the meantime causing those muscles to work. You are also using your shoulders to paddle, and your top of your back muscles. After a full day of kayaking, your muscles will feel sore the next day.

Okanagan Lake is perfect for Watersports.

More details on kayak rentals can be found on our Amenities page.


Written by Megan Harder

Scuba Dive Lake Okanagan

Scuba Dive in Okanagan Lake!


When you think of visiting Kelowna, you think of Lake Okanagan.  And when you think of the lake, you think of boating, paddle boarding and kayaking.  Has it ever occurred to you that Okanagan Lake actually has some pretty good scuba dive sites?  There are shore and boat dives that are suitable for all – whether you’re a beginner, novice or advanced diver we are sure you can find a dive site perfect for you.  There are also various SCUBA instructors around Kelowna so why not get your certification here!

Dive Sites near La Casa

(please refer to Tourism Kelowna for more detailed information).

Plenty of shore and boat dives exist close to La Casa.  Here’s a hint of what you can find down in the deep waters of the lake…

  • Squally Point

– Explore a cavern and search for Ogopogo here. Ogopogo is a lake monster that is said to live in the waters of the Okanagan Valley.  Only for advanced divers, this site is sure to be full of interesting surprises.

  • Trader’s Cove Marine Park

– This is a steep wall dive, located near Bear Creek Park. Again, this would be for advanced divers only.

  • The Milk Truck/ Wilson’s Landing

– Hunt for an old milk truck in the waters South of Lake Okanagan Resort. For advanced divers only, this site is likely to be full of random objects.

  • The Store at Okanagan Centre

– This site is used for many open water certifications because it Is suitable for beginners. Located on a beach next to a general store, this site is easy to find.

  • The Barge at Fintry Park

– For beginners, this is a great site. It is interesting to dive at because there is a sunken Canadian Pacific Railway Barge that can be explored.

  • Caesar’s Landing

– A car wreck can be found at this great beginner dive site!

  • Lake Okanagan Resort

– There is lots of marine traffic here since it is right next to the Lake Okanagan Resort, so it is best not to dive here in the Summer.

Kelowna Dive Schools/Shops

Are you new to diving?  Looking to organise a Try Dive, PADI certification or refresher dive?  Don’t have your own equipment and want to rent?  Talk to any one of the Dive Schools and Shops below – they will be more than happy to help you out!

Where will you dive next?  Have you ever tried diving in Lake Okanagan?

Written by Hannah Poaros



Okanagan Lake

Boating on Okanagan Lake


Lake Okanagan is a very large lake at 135km long and 4-5km wide.

Vernon is at the North end, Penticton in the South, with Kelowna roughly in the middle to the West and the smaller Communities of West Kelowna, Peachland and Summerland along the way on the West side. The water starts warming up around the end of June and is just warm enough to jump in around the beginning of July to cool off. Isolated beaches, quiet bays, and sheltered coves are just a few things that you will find out enjoying the day on the boat. There are tons of rental companies, yacht clubs and marinas that you will find along the shorelines in both directions. At La Casa Cottage Resort, we sell boat slips for our guests to bring their own boats. We also have a marina and a boat launch for them to use.  More details on boat slips and boat rentals can be found on our Activities page.

La Casa Cottage Resort Beach


Whether it is windy and wavy, or calm and hot, you will always find many boaters out enjoying the water. Since this is such a big lake, and so many people like to enjoy it, you have to be aware of your surroundings and of other boaters. When you’re out boating, you never want to forget the necessities like food/water, lifejackets and most importantly sun screen. The Okanagan sun is very hot and if your not wearing sunscreen for the day out on the lake you will get burnt badly. Just like any lake, there are beaches that you can only get to by boat. You can find a couple of these along the West side of the lake near Kelowna and up towards Vernon. Being out on the boat and seeing all the wildlife in their natural habitat is truly beautiful. You may have the chance to see bears, deers, moose, and big horn sheep, to name a few.

Okanagan Lake is a boating and sailing paradise.


Written by Megan Harder

Stand Up Paddleboarding Okanagan Lake

7 reasons to try Stand Up Paddleboarding on Okanagan Lake

There are many lakes in the Okanagan, but Okanagan Lake has to be the best.  The lake stretches from Penticton to Vernon, with Kelowna sitting right in the middle!  We think that makes Kelowna the best place to be, don’t you?  And we also think that getting out on to the water is exactly the right way to enjoy this beautiful location.  Here are 7 reasons why you should try Stand Up Paddleboarding on Okanagan Lake this year.

  • It’s suitable for all ages

    Seniors, little ones and teenagers alike can all enjoy the benefits of SUP since boards come in all shapes and sizes. Are you looking for a way to introduce your kids to watersports? This is it!

  • It’s an awesome workout

    As with any exercise, SUP is going to get your body burning off some serious calories. It is perfect for working out your arms, legs, back and core so you can get that lean body in no time (and it won’t even feel like a workout because SUP is just so chill).

  • It’s relaxing and relieves stress –

    Because SUP is an outdoor activity, you can take it as an opportunity to zone out and enjoy nature.  It’s repetitive, low impact nature can be very therapeutic for mind and body:  use it as a way to escape from everyday stresses or as a gentle healing activity for any recent injuries.

  • It’s perfect for lakes, rivers and oceans

    This is not a sport that can only be done on the ocean. Unlike surfing, you can paddle board on still water so the possibilities are endless!

  • It improves your balance –

    As the main point of paddle boarding is to stand up on a board in the middle of a large body of water, you will find that your balance is really put to the test. But a couple of hours later and you’ll have already improved your stability.

  • It’s easy to learn

    It’s not going to take you several sessions to learn the technique behind SUP. You might fall off the board a couple of times when you are learning how to stand up – but this is going to be relatively minimal in comparison to surfing!

  • Families can Paddleboard together

    Youngsters can sit on the board as you paddle so SUP is an ideal sport for spending some quality time together. It’s very much a social activity which means everyone can take time out from their electronic devices, and enjoy the company of friends and family!  Some people even bring their dogs along for the ride.

And the best thing?  We have equipment waiting for you at the resort! Paddleboards are available to rent for La Casa Cottages’ guests through the Cottage Options Package. Please see more details about this here, in your cottage binder or speak to a guest service’s representative by calling 250-542-0515.  We can’t wait to help you get out on the water!

If you’re taking a trip to Kelowna and want to explore different parts of the lake, then there are several watersports rentals shops in the city.  These are Okanagan Water Sports, Okanagan Beach Rentals and Lakefront Sports Centre.

Written by Hannah Poaros