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Where to eat in Kelowna


Have you ever went out with friends/family and the time came where you had to pick a place to sit down and have a nice meal? You might have got a response like “I’m not sure, you pick”  or “I’m up for anything”. If you have ever got one of these answers and you’re stumped on where to eat here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Kelowna that you have to try! 


  1. GulfStream

    – 5505 Airport Way in Four Points by the Sheraton- 
    This is a very modern looking, elegant bar. This is the place to go if you are looking for a appetizer and a few drinks after a hard day of work or just to go out with some friends.


  1. The Jammery

    – 8038 Hwy 97 North-
    The Jammery makes its own jam and you can view the production room from a viewing window just off the gift shop. On site is the restaurant that serves breakfast all day and lunch starts at 11am. Taste the products that are made all on site, and enjoy a treat after of homemade pie or an ice-cream cone.  This is a must try for breakfast. The food here is so good and it was advertised on You Got To Eat Here!- On the Food Network.


  1.   Little Hobo Soup and Sandwich

    – 596 Leon Ave-
    The perfect little café to go and have lunch at. With so many great reviews about the food and location. Serving all up to date food and menus. Come in for Breakfast, Lunch and Coffee.


  1. Basil and Mint Restaurant and Bar

    – 3799 Lakeshore Road-
    This west coast contemporary cuisine is a modern and vibrant environment. This restaurant is located in the lower mission in Kelowna adjacent to the two major lakefront hotels. This Restaurant is open daily from 5pm on.


  1. The Fixx Pasta Bar and Café

    – 3275 Lakeshore Road-
    This Menu is so varied, you can dine here often and never get bored of the same meal. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and the food is great. The reviews on this Restaurant are awesome and many people love to come here for their birthdays and gatherings.

Do you have any favourite local restaurants that we haven’t listed here? Let us know!

Written by Megan Harder

Cheap Eats Kelowna

The Best Cheap Eats in Kelowna


Ever wondered where you should grab lunch in Kelowna?  Perhaps you’re passing through town and need to satisfy your hunger.   Or maybe you need to pick up some takeaway items for a picnic. From turkey sandwiches to laksa soups,  Kelowna has some hidden gems when it comes to casual eateries.  Check out our recommendations below.


  1. Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich Shop

You only have to read the reviews on Tripadvisor to realise that this little soup and sandwich shop is a winner.  Known for its customer service as well as its freshly made meals, Little Hobo sits up there as the Number 1 recommended cheap eat in Kelowna.  Try their tasty perogies, homemade signature soup or holiday turkey sandwich –  you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Dosa Crepe Café

How does Indian Dosa paired with French crepes, sound to you?  This little South Indian eatery offers savoury Indian Dosa all day long and is the perfect place for a late lunch or afternoon snack.  If you fancy something sweet, try their French crepes.   There are so many delicious options on the menu, we wouldn’t even know where to start…


  1. Mad Mango Café

If you fancy some casual Asian treats then you should head down to Mad Mango Café.  With a menu full of Vietnamese Pho, Thai spring rolls and an All-day breakfast, there is definitely something here for everyone.  We’ve even heard that customers regularly go back for seconds of Mad Mango’s Laksa Soup!


  1. Woodfire Bakery

This little German bakery is no place to go for sweet pastries.  However if you’re looking for a hearty meal that will warm you up when it’s chilly outside, then by all means this should be your first pick.  Choose your meat –  Roast Beef, Smoked Beef or Veloute Chicken – and they’ll stick it on a beautiful Kaiser roll.  Some of the sandwiches sell out by lunch time, so be sure to get there early if you want first pick!


Yum – don’t they all sound scrumptious?  Let us know where you end up or if you have a different local favourite!  We would love to hear what your go-to lunch spot is.


Cheap Eats Kelowna

Written by Hannah Poaros