Snow Fat Bike

Three Exciting Activities to do at Silver Star Resort that aren’t skiing

Snow season is here! Vernon is home to SilverStar Mountain Resort, a gorgeous place to get your snow fix! And mountains are not just for skiers and snowboarders – they’re for everyone – so here’s some ways to get on the snow without bringing your skis:

  • Horse Sleigh Rides

    Treat the whole family this holiday season with a special Hot Chocolate & Horse Sleigh Ride! Spend the afternoon journeying through the snowy mountain trails and stop at the cozy Wild Horseman’s Cabin for a warming cup of hot chocolate next to the fireplace.  If the kids are not fans of winter, then they will be after this!

  • Fat Biking

    Ever wanted to ride a bike on the snow? Well, now you can! Fat bikes have wider sized tires which allow them to ride on soft terrains.  SilverStar has over 15km of fat bike trails that range from beginner to advanced – perfect for riders of all skills.  If you’re keen to ride with others, then why not join a Pedal and Pint Fat Bike Ride?  These are guided group rides that are sure to be a bundle of laughs:  experienced riders get to embark on evening rides on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6pm, whilst Beginners can enjoy Sundays at 2pm. Get ready for a whole new adventure this season!

  • Snowmobile Tours

    If you want to experience the powder of SilverStar’s backcountry without skis, then book yourself a Snowmobile tour! Tours range from one hour to three hours, depending on how much time you want to spend on the snow, and are operated by Okanagan Recreation Rentals.  Learn to ride your own Snowmobile and have fun exploring the beautiful views and terrain of the Mountain – the ideal way to spend a winter’s day!


SilverStar Mountain Resort is located in Vernon, and is a 1 hr drive from La Casa Cottages.  Come and stay in our Guest House during the Winter with the whole family, and enjoy all the local winter activities!


Written by Hannah Poaros

Snowshoeing Kelowna

Snowshoeing for First Timers in Kelowna

If you’re staying in Kelowna during the Winter, you will be no stranger to snow. Snowshoeing is a great way to keep active in the cold, especially if you’re not a skier or boarder, and there are plenty of trails for you to get stuck into!

Snowshoeing Kelowna
Here’s all you need to know:


  • Snowshoeing is hiking in the Snow
  • Snowshoes are special footwear that attach to your hiking boots, they spread the weight out over a larger area so that you don’t sink into the snow
  • In Kelowna, Snowshoes can be rented from Fresh Air Concept, Telemark Nordic Club or Big White Ski Resort



  • Generally throughout the winter/ski season, from mid-December to April (please check the various websites for snow conditions before you set out)
  • Start early in the day to allow time to get back to your starting point as trails do vary in size, difficulty and length

Things to know:

  • Showshoe trails cross ski trails; it is important not to step on these
  • Lift your snowshoes over the track if you see a Ski Trail, but do not walk on Ski trails
  • Snowshoe trails are usually marked with orange tape or red/yellow signs (to stand out from ski trails which are usually blue, green or black)

We hope you enjoy this quick introduction to Snowshoeing and that it has encouraged you to venture outdoors in the frosty temperatures! Be sure to check out the relevant websites for rental prices, trail lengths and directions to starting points. For the snowshoeing veterans out there, what’s your favourite trail?


Written by Hannah Poaros 

Okanagan Ski Snowboard

Where to Ski in the Okanagan, BC

Ever wondered what the options were for skiing or boarding in the Okanagan, BC?  Well we have done our research and can now provide you with the Mountain Stats for all 5 of these wonderful Ski Areas.  Take a look and plan your next snow adventure!

Silver Star Mountain Resort (3rd Largest Ski Area in BC)

Adult Full-Day Lift Pass: $96
Child Full-Day Lift Pass: $50 – $77
Location: 22km from Vernon, BC; 65km from Kelowna Airport
Operating Hours: 8:30am – 4:00pm / Night Skiing 3.30pm – 8.30pm
Mountain Elevation: 1, 915m
Amount of Terrain: 3,282 Skiable Acres
Beginner Terrain: 15% of Terrain + Silver Queen Beginners Area
Number of Runs: 132 Marked Runs
Longest Run: 8km

Big White Ski Resort

Adult Full-Day Lift Pass: $95- $105
Child/ Youth Full-Day Lift Pass: $54 – $89
Location: 56km from Kelowna, BC
Operating Hours: 8:45am – 3.30pm / Night Skiing 3.30pm – 8.00pm
Mountain Elevation: 2, 319m
Amount of Terrain: 1, 525 Acres
Beginner Terrain: 18% of Runs are Beginner
Number of Runs: 118 Designated Trails
Longest Run: 7.2km

Apex Mountain Resort

Adult Full-Day Lift Pass: $80
Child/ Youth Full-Day Lift Pass: $50 – $66
Location: 33km from Pentiction, BC
Operating Hours: 9.00am – 3.30pm / Night Skiing 4.00pm – 9.00pm
Mountain Elevation: 2, 180m
Amount of Terrain: 1,113 Skiable Acres
Beginner Terrain: 16% of Terrain
Number of Runs: 73 Downhill Trails
Longest Run: 5km

Sun Peaks Ski Resort (Canada’s Second Largest Ski Area)

Adult Full-Day Lift Pass: $95
Child/ Youth Full-Day Lift Pass: $48 – $76
Location: 50km from Kamloops, BC
Operating Hours: 9.00am – 3.30pm
Mountain Elevation: 2, 152m
Amount of Terrain: 4,270 Skiable Acres
Beginner Terrain: 10% of Terrain
Number of Runs: 135 Trails
Longest Run: 8km

Baldy Mountain Resort

Adult Full-Day Lift Pass: $55
Child/ Youth Full-Day Lift Pass: $10 – $35
Location: 38km from Oliver, BC; 57km from Osoyoos, BC
Mountain Elevation: 2,303m
Amount of Terrain: 225 Acres
Beginner Terrain: 33% of Terrain
Number of Runs: 34 Runs
Longest Run: 1km


And so the question is – which one is your favourite?


Written by Hannah Poaros



Apex Mountain Resort, Snow

If you still fancy heading to the Okanagan this winter, why not visit Apex Mountain Resort?  This resort is located thirty minutes from Penticton and is perfect for a day trip or a stop-over especially if you like the snow!

Apex is largely a winter resort and builds its income from the amount of snow sports it offers.  With a range of beginner, intermediate and advanced trails – the longest run being close to 5km – this is a great ski resort to try out.  Test your skills this winter on one of the 73 downhill trails.

Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Tubing & Ice Skating!

If skiing or snowboarding is not really your thing, there are plenty of other optional activities you can take part in.  Why not rent some snowshoes and try hiking up one of the mountain trails?  It might take you a while to get used to the feeling of having weird metal contraptions on your feet – but just aim to walk normally and it will be easier than you think! Snowshoeing is an awesome way to experience the snow as well as giving you a workout.

For those that are looking for something a little less physical or an activity for the youngsters, Apex Mountain Resort also has a tube park.  Tube Parks are a family favourite – sliding down a hill in a tube never gets boring, no matter how old you are!

More of an ice-skater?  Apex has an ice rink too! Not only does it have an NHL-sized Outdoor Hockey rink, but it is also home to an Ice Skating Adventure Loop which is a 1km ice loop through the natural environment.  Admire the snow-lined trees and enjoy evenings skating against the stars and fairy lights.

Learn more about this gorgeous mountain resort here, and enjoy the Okanagan in the snow!


Written by Hannah Poaros


But that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate in your sweatpants and oversized sweater until spring comes. Here are some wearable ideas to make it through the winter months in style without getting frost bitten.

  1. Ski jackets: designed for the slopes the traditional ski jacket doesn’t have to be hidden in your closet and only taken out when you hit the hills. With several companies now making cute, wearable ski coats, you can get daily use out of that pricey winter coat.
  2. Long sleeves: believe it or not, your favourite cozy oversized tee with the sleeves that extend past your fingertips is in style this winter! Stay warm, comfy and in style, who knew?
  3. Puffy coats: that puffy down North Face jacket you’ve hidden in the back of your closet all those years? Finally in style! Haul that lumpy, oversized down coat out of storage and choose warmth and style this year!
  4. Trench coats: they get a bad rap, but the floor length button down with the belted waisted are IN.
  5. Turtleneck dresses: just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean you have to throw your dresses into hibernation! Try a long sleeved turtle necked knit dress with a pair of stockings and knee high boots. Cozy and chic!