But that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate in your sweatpants and oversized sweater until spring comes. Here are some wearable ideas to make it through the winter months in style without getting frost bitten.

  1. Ski jackets: designed for the slopes the traditional ski jacket doesn’t have to be hidden in your closet and only taken out when you hit the hills. With several companies now making cute, wearable ski coats, you can get daily use out of that pricey winter coat.
  2. Long sleeves: believe it or not, your favourite cozy oversized tee with the sleeves that extend past your fingertips is in style this winter! Stay warm, comfy and in style, who knew?
  3. Puffy coats: that puffy down North Face jacket you’ve hidden in the back of your closet all those years? Finally in style! Haul that lumpy, oversized down coat out of storage and choose warmth and style this year!
  4. Trench coats: they get a bad rap, but the floor length button down with the belted waisted are IN.
  5. Turtleneck dresses: just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean you have to throw your dresses into hibernation! Try a long sleeved turtle necked knit dress with a pair of stockings and knee high boots. Cozy and chic!

Even although no one is ever happy about trading in their favourite swimsuit for their business causal get up, and giving up long days of lounge in the sun for endless hours stuck in the office, somehow most of us still love fall. And fall in the Okanagan is nothing short of spectacular. Here’s how the fashion experts suggest you make the most of the crisp autumn weather.

  1. Suede: boots, jackets, cardigans, suede is coming back in a big way from booties to t-shirts, the soft, matte fabric has made it’s way from a utilitarian cloth used by the First Nations in the early 1900’2 to keep warm to a modern day trend for day to day wear.
  2. Leather: contrary to popular belief, leather jackets are not only for burly men on Harley Davidsons. The little leather jacket is perfect for that in between fall weather for men and women alike.
  3. Denim: it’s simple. Everyone loves jeans. We all have our favourite pair of denim jeans. With many cuts and styles from bootlegged to distressed to denim shorts and jackets, it goes with everything and its guaranteed to keep you arm in the crisp fall air.
  4. Plaid: when you think fall fashion almost everyone thinks plaid. From scarves to button downs to flannel jackets, plaid is a quick and easy way to tie together your fall look. And the colours scream ‘hay ride and pumpkin carving’.
  5. Sportswear: go ahead, rock your lulus and hoodie to the mall. It’s fall, comfort and warmth are the key components to staying in style while preparing for the incoming snow season.

The Okanagan is the perfect destination for your home away from home spring getaway! The lakeside cottage is booked, the boss approved the days off and your crew is all ready for spring break done right! Now what to pack….

Here’s what fashion bloggers predict will be in style for Spring 2017:

  1. The oxford shirt: this classic is a must have for business men world wide, but this spring, fashionistas have tweaked and deemed it a staple for women’s fashion. Whether it’s recycled and redesigned into a trendy crop top or sun dress or you simply pair your man’s retired work shirt with your fave pair of jeans, this classic is bound to impress.
  2. Neon: no longer confined to flashy pub signs and 70’s costumes, bright, bold and electric colours are predicted to come back this upcoming spring. You can keep it subtle and stick to a hint of electric colour or you can full neon. The options are endless and blindingly bright.
  3. Khaki: this natural, earth toned hue goes with everything. Whether it’s a pair of khaki capris paired with a pastel coloured tee or a khaki jacket, you cant go wrong with this beige, army chic inspired fabric this spring.
  4. Blues: welcome the end of the winter blues, with, well more blues! No not the mood, the colour. Blue IS your colour no matter what your skin tone. With an endless sea of shades and hues, this cool colour is a winner this coming spring.
  5. Floral prints: when you think spring you think sunshine, baby birds, afternoons spent day drinking on the sunny patio and, FLOWERS. Floral prints are a clear win every spring and spring 2017 is not exception.