Leek Recipes

Beat winter with these heartwarming Leek recipes

Fresh produce is the highlight of the Okanagan region and just because it’s the winter, doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of local goods to go around. This month we are highlighting the sister of the onion:

The Leek!

One of the Allium vegetables, Leeks have a variety of health benefits and that’s why we are giving you a selection of recipes that highlight the delicate flavor of this underrated vegetable. They’ll get you through the winter months and might help prevent catching a cold or two!

Leek Recipe


Nothing beats a homemade soup in the Winter. Instead of making the typical Potato & Leek soup, why not try one of a different variety?  All you need for this simple recipe is butter, leeks, parsnips, broth, potatoes, apples and herbs!  Melt butter, cook everything until tender – then stick in a blender and voila, you’ve just made a marvelous meal.  Check out the full ingredients list and method via .

Anyone who loves goat’s cheese, will really enjoy these tasty lunchtime pastries. Enjoy the combination of the mild leeks with the melted goat’s cheese, all on top of a thick puff pastry base! The key to the success of this recipe is it’s simplicity. For ingredient’s list and method, please visit .

Inspired by the Jewish tradition of Potato latkes, these Leek fritters are to die for. Using a very small shopping list, these savory treats are perfect on their own, with apple chutney or as an accompaniment to a main meal. All you need to get started are leeks, eggs, olive oil and breadcrumbs!  These really are best eaten on the day of cooking, so don’t leave them sitting out for too long. Check out for the full ingredients list and method.

What’s more comforting than a warm Chicken & Leek pie? This recipe suggests using puff pastry, which will make your pie topping light, crispy and golden! Another top tip to take away is to slow cook the chicken legs so that the meat is falling off the bone.  This will help get a lovely juicy chicken filling.  Check out the full ingredients list and method via .


These recipes are perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon when it’s snowing outside – stock up on groceries, head to your cottage and cook away!  For other recipe recommendations, please check out our related blog posts here.  We love to see our guests getting creative in the kitchen – send us a photo on Facebook or shoot us a comment below so that we can see how you are spending your winter days!

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Written by Hannah Poaros

okanagan fruit

Where to pick your own Okanagan fruit 

Everyone knows that the Okanagan region throws up some delicious fresh fruits.  Why wouldn’t it? With all its hours of sunshine, it’s got the perfect climate for fruit to grow.  The season generally begins in June and ends around September with the ripening of the apples.  Instead of grabbing the local produce from the grocery store, why not make a day of it and take the family out to a Pick-your-own farm?

Here’s a round-up of the best places to do this across the region:

  • Kempf Orchards – This is a beautiful family-friendly cherry-picking orchard. Be sure to check on their website which fruits are currently available as some varieties sell out fast. If you’re tired of picking cherries, they also sell pre-picked apricots and peaches – all ready to go in that fruit salad you’re making
  • Caldwell Heritage FarmCaldwell Heritage Farm is a favourite among all ages. Why not make friends with the animals, pick some fruit, help grow vegetables and then take a stroll past tractors, trucks and other historical agricultural items? What a perfect afternoon in the countryside.
  • Sun City Cherries Ltd. – Your go-to for fresh fruits, homemade jams and honey! They specialize in cherries though, so be sure to swing by and try some.
  • Paynters Fruit MarketWhat a gem this fruit market is! You have the option to pick your own cherries, apricots, peaches, plums and pears. There’s nothing like eating a peach straight off the tree; biting into the juicy flesh whilst baking in the Okanagan sun.   Enjoy the fruit picking experience and treat yourself to an ice cream at the end.
  • Arndt OrchardsAnother gorgeous cherry-picking farm in Kelowna! They also accept cherry picking orders for pick-up if you’re on a time limit and don’t have time to do the work yourself.

You also might want to check out:

  • Function Junction Fruit StandOpen 7 days a week in the summer, Function Junction Fruit Stand is a must-do. They are known for their plump blackberries – they’ll be great on their own, as a conserve or as a cheesecake topping! Not only this but Function Junction also produces 100% pure apple juice as well as four fruit iced ciders. You can taste these in the tasting room just beside the fruit stand… Let us know which one is your favourite.  Will it be the Fuji Iced Cider or the Pear Iced Cider? It’s a hard call!
  • Gambell FarmsGambell Farms is all for the healthy lifestyle and encourages you to try their high-quality produce. There is a large variety of fresh goods grown here, so you’ll probably be able to find all the veggies on your shopping list.  Try one of their fruit pies – sure to be extra tasty.
  • Duggan Farms – This local farm has a wide range of fruit AND vegetables that you can pick. Culinary herbs are also available seasonally.  Get all your salad ingredients here!

 okanagan fruit

Remember:  Contact the farms first before planning a visit – sometimes they sell out of fruit, or harvests of certain varieties are delayed! 


Written by Hannah Poaros