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Wedding Photographer of the Month – Introducing Ivenkaye Photographics

This month we bring you some wedding inspiration!  Check out these awesome images from Ivenkaye Photographics as well as an interview with the Photographer himself.  We think our Guest House is a pretty beautiful location – read on to see why we’re not the only ones that think so…

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So first off – how did you get into Wedding Photography & what do you love about it?

I photographed my first wedding when I was applying to photography school and needed a way to pay for my gear. My camera failed halfway through the ceremony and I finished shooting the wedding day on film. Although I loved it, it was a nerve wracking experience, and I didn’t photograph another one until three years later. I was drawn back to the Wedding Industry because of the realization that my images were making a significant difference in people’s lives.

In 2009 I began my own Wedding Photography Business, Ivenkayephotographics, and when I made the move to the Okanagan a year later, the Wedding Community here was still in it’s early stages. Now it is a huge community which really contributes to a diverse environment for people to come here and to get married. The reason I choose Wedding Photography is the people that I get to meet and the experiences are always so amazing. You are with a couple, who are in love, for a whole day, capturing their cherished memories for them, and taking part in the beginning of their lives together. Wedding days are a challenge too, very candid, very spontaneous and truthful and I really enjoy taking on that challenge to capture it all. It’s very important to be present and to be watchful and I thrive under those kind of conditions. It really brings out my creativity. 

kelowna wedding la casa resort

There are so many different styles of Wedding Photography.  How would you explain your approach to clients?

I would describe it first as clean and storytelling. From a technical standpoint I began learning photography with film and through my editing and composition I always use that as a beginning point, to create true and beautiful photographs, capturing detail and nuance. For me, storytelling moments are the most important because they capture true emotions.Those are the photographs that will take you back to the moment because of their truthfulness. That’s why I always gift engagement sessions to my couples. It’s important to know them, to experience them in front of a camera and for them to know how I work. That way, on the big day, they can relax and be themselves and experience the day without distraction and I am able to do my very best work for them. 

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Living in BC, you must know that there is an array of beautiful locations in the area.  Why do you think a couple should use the Okanagan – and more specifically, Kelowna – as their wedding destination?

I think that the area we live in is so diverse it would appeal to everyone. We have a beautiful lake and epic mountains, beaches and hikes, wineries and tap houses, and a host of incredible venues. Also the community here, the Wedding Industry Community, honestly is hard working and invested in making this area the very best for visiting couples. Standards here are incredibly high and we all diligently strive to meet them.

kelowna wedding la casa guest house

You’ve taken Wedding Photos at La Casa Guest House before.  Was there anything that surprised you about the property?  Anything that made you love shooting there?

It’s off the beaten track, private, and in a beautiful area. You get a true sense of the beauty of the area and the grandeur of B.C, while having all the comforts you would experience in the city limits. The drive from Kelowna to La Casa Guest House is an experience all it’s own and builds anticipation as you weave through the gorgeous scenery. You get the impression that you are traveling to somewhere truly special.

wedding la casa guest house
If you had to use five words to describe the venue, what would they be?

Private, Intimate, Peaceful, Panoramic, Comfortable.

wedding la casa guest house kelowna
These photos you have here; what made this wedding special?

Robyn and Curtis have an incredibly supportive and joyful group of family and friends that was an honor to be a part of. I remember that taking candids at their wedding was very easy; everyone was so at ease and happy to be with each other, as if they were in the comfort of their own homes. I couldn’t help but be uplifted by the experience on a personal level, and I could honestly say I left the wedding that night, after saying my goodbyes, with a little bit of reluctance, sad to have the experience come to an end.

kelowna wedding
Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding at La Casa?

Plan ahead with cooler supplies; mid-day beer runs are not that easy. If you are planning a summer wedding, keep an eye on the forecast, and maybe bring some parasols for the ceremony. The Okanagan can get quite warm mid-day! And the photos will look great.

And lastly, what is the best way for potential clients to get in contact with you?

Go to our Website at and fill out a form or call us at 1-250-899-2695. Looking forward to hearing from you!

kelowna wedding

So, are you inspired to host your wedding in the Okanagan? 

Do you think the Guest House at La Casa has it all?  

For more information on planning your wedding at La Casa, please visit our Weddings page or feel free to speak to us directly on our reservations line at +1 888 226 5566.  Here are our 4 Reasons to have your Wedding at the Guest House… we look forward to helping you plan the Wedding of your dreams!


All of the photos featured in this post are from Robyn & Curtis’ Wedding, taken by Ivenkaye Photographics.

Blog post by Hannah Poaros.


La Casa Wedding

4 Reasons to have your Wedding at La Casa Guest House

Are you looking for a Wedding venue?  Thinking British Columbia makes the ideal setting?  Well check out La Casa Guest House – a Spanish style villa that has it all.  Check out our top 4 reasons to host your wedding here:

  1. The location is beautiful.

    Tucked away on a hillside 40 minutes from Kelowna, with jaw-dropping views of Lake Okanagan, La Casa is remote and romantic. Right next door to the property is Fintry Provincial Park – perfect for hiking, walking or taking those wedding photos.  Not to mention that you’re right by the lake so kayaking, boating and paddle boarding are all optional activities.  There are so many lovely secluded areas at La Casa so you can have a little bit of everything in your Wedding Portraits – lake, mountains & forests. How spectacular does that sound?

    La Casa Cottages
    La Casa Wedding

  2. The terrace views.

    There really is nothing else we can say about the views from the Terrace because they are just divine. The terrace is brilliant for the wedding ceremony, reception, breakfast, lunch and dinner!  You’ll love spending time with your family out on this wonderful balcony – there is room for 90 people here, so if it’s a small “home away from home” wedding you’re after then this will be right up your street.

    Guest House Wedding Terrace
    La Casa Guest House Wedding

  3. The weather is divine.

    Situated in Kelowna, in the heart of the Okanagan, La Casa is no stranger to sunny skies.  Expect blue, clear days and sometimes scorching temperatures, if you choose to have your wedding in the summer.   A winter wedding won’t be that much different, except you will probably see some snow!

    La Casa Wedding

  4. The property has everything you need.

    From a private honeymoon suite where the bride can get ready with her bridesmaids away from the groom, to a wraparound terrace that’s perfect for ceremony or reception… the Guest House has it all!  There are nine large bedrooms that sleep up to 26 guests, an expansive kitchen, private movie theatre, banquet room and more – make your Wedding into the ultimate family and friends getaway. You’ll make memories here that last forever!

    La Casa Guest House
    La Casa Wedding Guest House


If you’re not convinced by these photos, then take a look at what Wedding Photographer – Rozalind Ewashina – had to say about the venue:

I love taking photos at La Casa for a few reasons! I love the location (right on the lake and secluded enough that it’s a getaway for most people! There are tons of forest spots near by as well as the cute little town of Fintry) and of course the stunning views from the balcony! I think it’s incredible that couple’s can be married on the terrace and then have the reception/cocktail hour out on the patio as well. It offers great views and you can really enjoy the warm Okanagan summers while celebrating with family and friends 🙂 I especially love that the Honeymoon room at the top of the guesthouse is completely secluded (with a private balcony and hot tub!) so that the bride and her girls can get ready without worrying about seeing the groom!”


To see more of Rozalind’s photos, or to enquire about her photography services, please contact her by email (, phone (+1 250 574 4629) or visit her website.  All of the photos featured in this post are from Natalya & Rich’s Wedding in 2016, taken by Rozalind Ewashina Photography.

For more information on planning your wedding at La Casa, please visit our Weddings page or feel free to speak to us directly on our reservations line at +1 888 226 5566.  We look forward to helping you plan the Wedding of your dreams!


Written by Hannah Poaros

Photography by Rozalind Ewashina Photography  – Natalya & Rich Wedding