The Best Beaches in Kelowna Area


The Best Beaches in Kelowna Area

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If you’re visiting Kelowna, B.C., you are probably planning to hit the beach at some point. The Okanagan tends to get hot, hot, hot in July and August so being near the water is the perfect way to cool down. You’ll want to bring plenty of bottled water and sunscreen no matter where you go. This blog will give you the low-down on the best beaches in Kelowna.

You might be familiar with one or two popular tourist areas but we wanted to give you a better overview of different public waterfront areas. Here is our top picks for the best beaches in Kelowna. See how many you can check out during your stay!


  1. Sutherland Bay Park

Located quite northward in the city, Sutherland park is just “out of the way” enough to give you some much needed privacy during tourist high times. It’s located by Knox Mountain, which is great for hikes if you want to add some cardio to your beach day.


  1. Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is THE downtown park of choice. Not only is it in the heart of Kelowna, but you’ll often find markets and events going on in the area. There’s a bit of sand to enjoy by the water but it’s best feature is its grassy parkland, with plenty of shady trees.


  1. Stuart Park

Stuart Park is located near the Tourism Kelowna office, so anyone looking for a bit of extra help or insight into the area would do themselves a favour by coming here first. It’s also within walking distance of the Japanese-style Kasugai Gardens, which is a stunning local landmark.


  1. Hot Sands Beach

Located next to Kelowna City Park, Hot Sands Beach is a long stretch of shoreline that eventually meets up with Harvey Ave (the main highway). They have a dedicated parking lot are very close to downtown, and house “OkanaVan Crepes and Popsicles” for a quick, delicious treat!


  1. Boyce-Gyro Beach

This is THE beach to visit in the Kelowna area, so you may find it more crowded than some of the others on this list. It boasts a swimming area with a tree-lined park and an area for sports and volleyball.


  1. Sarsons Beach Park

Sarson’s Beach Park is located in the Mission neighbourhood, a quiet, residential area away from the downtown clutter and commotion. The area has a nice stretch of beach land, a playground for children, plenty of trees for shade, and a public washroom.


Those are just a few of the great beaches in the area but it will certainly give you a lot to go on. Let us know if you liked this feature and want to hear about more beachy hot spots.


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