The Best Kelowna Hiking: 3 Trails to Try in 2021  

Best Kelowna Hiking

The Best Kelowna Hiking: 3 Trails to Try in 2021  

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British Columbia is known for outdoor and sporty activities. Mild spring weather and plenty of natural parks make the Kelowna area great for hikers, bikers, and the likes. You might not know where to start if you are visiting the Okanagan, so we’ve put together a list of 3 of the best Kelowna hiking trails to try this year.   

Without further ado, here are some of the best trails in the Kelowna area.   

  1. Apex Trail in Knox Mountain Park 

Apex Trail is about a 4-minute drive from downtown Kelowna, making it the perfect stop-off for a sunny day of activities outside. This trail is both pet-friendly and kid-friendly, though guests should be advised that 300 meters of elevation make for a moderately difficult trek in some areas. One-way should take you about 30 minutes walking at a brisk pace, during which you will cover about 2.17 km.   

The climb will offer a great view of downtown Kelowna and the lakes from afar. The lookout at the top is worth the walk. Don’t forget to ring the visitors’ bell stationed there! Knox Mountain Park has space for lounging, so feel free to bring a picnic lunch. This area is open year-round but spring and summer are the absolute best times to explore.   

The trail can get a bit slippery and muddy if there has been rain. Grizzly bears have been reported in the area in the past so always remember to be bear aware.   

  1. Myra Canyon Trestles 

The Myra Canyon Trestles carry visitors across wooden railway bridges through tree-speckled stoneface cliffs. This 12 km-long (one-way) path follows what once the Kettle Valley Railway and is a popular trail for bikers. The view along the way is absolutely gorgeous but it’s not for anyone who is bothered by heights.   

This trail is unique because you are walking along wooden (and a few steel) trestles for the majority of the trip. Here, you have a clear and elevated view of the landscape all around you. You are also stepping foot on a piece of history and 6 of the 18 trestles are the originals from the historic railroad. The remaining 12 were damaged and rebuilt after the 2003 Okanagan Mountain Fire.   

Guided tours are provided by Myra Canyon Bike Rental & Tours, Kettle Valley Railway Cycling Company, and Cheers! Okanagan Tours. You can choose to walk the trail or cycle it. 24km from downtown Kelowna, your trip to the trail will weave by local farms, orchards, and vineyards.  

  1. Canyon Rim Loop 

Canyon Rim Loop is located in Bear Creek Provincial Park, just a hop and a step away from La Casa Cottage Resort in West Kelowna. The trail is circular, so you can hike the whole thing and end up conveniently back at your car. The 2.7 km loop is an easy enough journey that all skill levels will feel welcome and comfortable.   

Canyon Rim Trail shows off panoramic views of Okanagan Lake as well as bridges, staircases, and a waterfall. You might spot wildlife in the area too, with common species being tree frogs, coyotes, and bears. Always carry a bear bell to alert these woodland residents to your arrival so that they don’t get spooked.   

The Canyon Rim Trail is actually segmented into 3 paths: the loop, the mid canyon, and the canyon rim. You can choose which one you want to follow using a print-at-home map or watching for trail signs.   

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