The Cereal Box Game

The Cereal Box Game

The Cereal Box Game

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Here is a fun game that will definitely crack you and your family up, especially if you don’t have the flexibility gene running in your family. Perfect for a fun night in the Okanagan.

Some may choose not to perform in the show, but they will surely have fun watching the players falling down and trying some creative moves.

You will need:

  • An empty cereal box
  • A pair of scissors

Set up:

  • Place the box on the floor of the room far from any furniture. Move everything out of the way.

How to play:

Each participant should go to the box and pick it up with their mouth. The rules are: they should only touch the box with their mouths and only touch the floor with their feet.

Now it’s when it gets more interesting, after each round, make the box shorter by cutting off an inch of it. The less flexible participants will be eliminated when they start to stumble and fall over.

Keep cutting the box until there is only one player left.

If you want to make it more challenging you can add some other rules, for example, no bent legs allowed.

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