The Chocolate Game


The Chocolate Game

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What could be more fun than combining dress-up and chocolate bars?!

The chocolate game is a great way to bring the whole family together and brighten up a grey day. It also makes for a wonderfully entertaining kids party game – no one will want to sit out of this one!

It doesn’t require anything special (other than the chocolate of course!)

You will need:

  • A handful of wrapped chocolate bars
  • A knife and fork
  • A plate
  • Some dress-up items such as scarfs, mitts, hats, jewellery, sunglasses (bulky gloves are great since they make it more difficult to cut and eat the chocolate!)
  • A pair of dice (or one die)

Set up:

  • Have all participants sit in a circle on the floor (or around a table)
  • Place the dress-up items in a pile in the middle of the circle
  • Place the plate, with chocolate bar, knife, and fork on it nearby

How to Play:

Players will take turns rolling the dice until someone rolls a double (or if you are playing with 1 die, until someone rolls a 6).

That player then has to put on all the dress-up items in the circle.

Once the player is dressed, they will then have to attempt to open the bar of chocolate using ONLY the knife and fork! If they manage to open the bar they then have to cut squares of chocolate and eat them one by one, again, ONLY using the knife and fork!

While the player is attempting to dress, open, and eat the chocolate, the dice will continue to be rolled.  It is important that the dice rolling does not stop, as it will give other players a chance to get some chocolate!

Each time another player rolls a double (or a 6 with one die), the player currently dressed and attempting to eat the chocolate has to immediately stop eating and remove ALL the dress-up items.

The new player will then dress themselves in the items and have their chance to attempt to open (and/or eat) the chocolate bar, again only using the knife and fork!

This continues until all of the chocolate is gone! The player who gets the last bite is the winner!

Many variations of this game exist, so tailor it to fit your family’s style!  And if playing the game at a party just be sure to double check for any food allergies!

Have fun and enjoy the chocolatey mess!!

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