Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Teenagers


Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Teenagers

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Planning a trip with some older children? Here are some ideas to keep them happy and occupied as you make your way on the road! Pro Tip: Ice Cream is magic!

10 Tips for Traveling with Teenagers

  1. Packs lots of snacks
  2. Buy some new books or borrow from the library books that interest your kids
  3. Make sandwiches the night before for healthy food and making the trip more economical
  4. Download movies or TV shows onto mobile devices
  5. Plan your stops so that you can incorporate some fun (Ice Cream, Hikes, Orchards, Swimming, Bike Rides)
  6. Make a list of some memory games to play in the car
  7. Bring wet ones, water and a rag a pail and a plastic in case someone gets car sick
  8. Wear comfortable clothes
  9. Bring pillows and blankets so the kids can nap
  10. Freeze a plastic milk jug with water to keep your cooler cool during the trip
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