Tips for planning your Winter Wedding at La Casa

Winter Wedding

Tips for planning your Winter Wedding at La Casa

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Tips for planning your Winter Wedding at La Casa

The Okanagan is known for being one of the hottest places in Canada, but that doesn’t mean you have to host your Okanagan Wedding in the summer!  Winter can be equally as glorious – imagine snow-capped mountains with the cool blue hues of the lake as the backdrop of your wedding photos – need we say more?  Here are some tips for planning the BEST winter wedding at La Casa’s Guest House:

  • Have perfect winter accessories to keep you warm –

    Accessories for cold weather don’t have to be boring! Think velvet jackets, faux fur capes, and luxury mittens! You may even want to opt for long-sleeved wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses to keep the number of accessories down. Remember to think about your guests too – let them know what the weather will be like, and perhaps provide blankets, hand warmers or scarves as wedding favours. Inside the Guest House is heated – but we’re sure both you and your guests will want to have a play in the snow!

  • Keep the ceremony and reception in the Guest House

    The beauty of the Guest House is that you can kill two birds with one stone. Avoid your guests having to walk or drive in the snow and pick the Guest House for both your ceremony and reception! Have your ceremony on the terrace if you want part of your wedding to be outdoors, and then head inside to the ballroom or the Grand Suite for the reception.  Your guests will thank you for keeping everything in close proximity!

  • Pick a warm colour scheme –

    Play around with your colours; it doesn’t have to be just red and green! Why not go for some dark blue and silver shades for a sparkly, night-time feel?  Or perhaps combine deep plum shades with soft greens to create a stylish, chic colour palette.

  • Set up a hot drink station –

    Winter weddings provide the perfect excuse to serve your favourite drinks – everything from hot chocolate to warm cider and mulled wine! Not only will these stop your guests from feeling chilly, it’ll also make it feel like it’s Christmas all over again.

  • Prepare for snow

    Heaps of fresh snow may well look stunning in your wedding photos, but bear in mind the logistics that come with this cool weather! It’s almost guaranteed to snow during the winter in Kelowna so make sure you have a change of shoes with you (don’t let those designer heels get ruined!). AND no one wants to be shoveling snow all day but if you need to do this during your stay, rest assured that there will be a shovel and salt provided at the property!

  • Time your photos when the sun is up –

    Bear in mind that the winter months have very short windows of daylight when planning your photo session. Low lighting can be a challenge outside and inside, so opt for a morning ceremony – that way you will have plenty of time to take your photos before it gets dark!

For more information on planning your wedding at La Casa, please visit our Weddings page or feel free to speak to us directly on our reservations line at +1 888 226 5566.  Here are our 4 Reasons to have your Wedding at the Guest House… we look forward to helping you plan the Wedding of your dreams!

Written by Hannah Poaros

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