Have a perfect Christmas at the Cottage

Christmas Cottage

Have a perfect Christmas at the Cottage

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Have a perfect Christmas at the Cottage


Happy Christmas to all who are celebrating! It has been a great year for Canada, hasn’t it?  We would like to wish all our past and future guests a very happy holiday season.  Though we currently do not offer cottage rentals over the Christmas season, we have thought of several reasons why having Christmas at the cottage would be perfect!

If you are thinking of going away for next year’s celebrations, or you own a holiday home but rarely use it – we have come up with this list of advantages for hosting an event at a venue other than your own house.

Christmas Cottage

You can avoid the dreaded clean-up.

Yes, it if you do decide to spend Christmas at a self-catering rental, there will be an element of cleaning involved.  However, nothing is worse that tidying up your entire house after days of hosting Christmas dinners and parties! The clean-up at a cottage rental is sure to be easier and quicker.

Christmas can be as small or as big as you like.  

Taking a vacation over Christmas means that you can conveniently escape from inviting your whole extended family. You can choose who you spend time with – perhaps it will just be you and your significant other this year.

There are still the comforts of home.

Want to laze on the couch watching Love Actually for hours on end? Want to stay in your pyjamas all day and eat mince pies for breakfast?  All of these are possible when you hire a cottage for your Christmas retreat. The beauty of renting a cottage is that it is a home – just not yours.  Enjoy home comforts in a new location!

Make the most of the outdoors.

Choose your cottage by the lake or in the countryside and be rewarded with magical views. There’s nothing more peaceful than watching birds fly across frozen lakes or snow falling off tired fir-tree branches. Makes a change of scenery from the city doesn’t it?

Cooking that traditional dinner is still possible.

Whether you like your roast chicken or your roast turkey, making that quintessential Christmas meal is still possible with a cottage rental!  Take advantage of the large kitchen, stock up on groceries when you’re enroute and get prepared for the cooking marathon (if that’s what you wish!). After the cooking is done, sit back and relax by the fireplace with a glass of wine.

So what do you think?  Would you spend Christmas away from your home? Or perhaps you’ve got a favourite winter holiday destination?  Let us know!

If you’re already thinking ahead to Summer, don’t forget to contact us today  to enquire about our cottage rentals and rates.  We look forward to hearing from you.



Written by Hannah Poaros

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